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How to Get to Your Hotel in Venice

Your Best Options Here

small group tours to italyOne of the nice things about Venice is that it is away from it all, with winding unmarked streets, pedestrian traffic only.  One of the bad things about Venice is that it is away from it all, with winding sometimes unmarked streets, pedestrian traffic only.  There is no taxi or car service within Venice. The Traveling Professor has a lot of experience with his small group tours to Italy and today, he gives his advice on getting to your hotel from the Venice train station or Marco Polo airport.

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Why You Need to Switch Airlines

There are Better Options Out There

small group tours to europeThe major overseas legacy carriers:  American, Delta, United and even British Airways, Lufthansa along with their "alliance airlines" control the most passenger traffic between the U.S. and Europe.  You have heard the horror stories of poor customer service, old planes, unfair fares, tight seats, lousy meals, passengers being treated like cattle, etc.  But now, there are some new kids on the block in terms of airlines going to Europe.  Are they worth a look?  You bet they are.  Check out The Traveling Professor's blog post and find out how to get to Europe cheaper and in more comfort.

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3 Elegant and Affordable Places to Dine in Paris

Upscale Dining at a Reasonable Price

elegant and affordable dining in parisParis is considered by many as the food capital of the world.  On The Traveling Professor's small group tours to Paris, we enjoy nice meals without breaking the bank.  Whether it be for lunch or dinner, there are places to dine in Paris on the high end without blowing your entire food budget on one meal.  Check out The Traveling Professor's blog post to find elegant dining experiences at a reasonable price.

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Top Tips for Traveling to Iceland

Get The Professor's Lucky 7 Tips on Iceland Travel

small group tours to icelandCool Iceland is the hottest travel destination on earth right now.  The Traveling Professor just completed his third small group tour to Iceland and has quite a few practical Iceland trips under his belt that will save the traveler time and money.  There are a few things to consider, and a few things to watch out for on a tour to Iceland.  Read The Professor's Iceland blog post and get the most out of your next tour to Iceland.

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Denmark, Norway, Iceland Trip Report

12 Nights in Scandinavia. See the Photos!

small group tour to denmark norway iceland13 hearty travelers joined The Traveling Professor on a small group tour to Denmark, Norway and Iceland earlier this month.   This group was a little different from The Professor's other groups in that it was almost evenly split between Baby Boomers and Millenials.  It was surprising how the two groups fit in so well with each other to enjoy a wonderful trip to Scandinavia.  Read about it in this travel blog post. 

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Most Dangerous Places to Travel

Probably Not a Good Idea to Go Here in 2017

most dangerous places to travelIn my last blog post, I listed the most peaceful places to travel according to the Global Peace Index.  Iceland continues to be the safest place in the world to travel.  The United States is listed as #114, Italy as #38, Mexico as #142 and Peru as #71.   In this blog post, we list the most dangerous countries in the world to travel to, according to The Global Peace Index.

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The Safest Travel Destinations

The Top 25 Safest Travel Destinations

safest countries to travelTravelers are nervous as to where to go, and I don't blame them.  We read about and see horrible incidents going on all over the world these days and it does raise concerns.  On The Traveling Professor small group tours, we are seeing a preference for countries and regions that have not been subjected to some of the terrible incidents we have seen recently.  Take a look at my blog post to see what countries and regions are ranked as the safest places to travel to.
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Travel Product of the Month

Great Father's Day Gift

fitbit fathers day giftThis month we have a travel product of the month that every Dad will love.  On our small group tours, a good number of our travelers have one of these.  They are fun, look great, and are very practical to have.  So, check out today's blog post and find out about a great travel product and a perfect Father's Day gift.

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Beyond Rome, Florence and Venice

There is More to Italy to See

Bassano del GrappaEveryone should visit Rome, Florence and Venice.  However, there is more to Italy than just these 3 cities.  Travelers need to take the time to visit the REAL Italy, away from the trinket shops and massive crowds.  The Traveling Professor's small group tours has visited some wonderful places in Italy that are considered "off-the-beaten" path.  In this Italy blog post, you will find out about some of the places you need to visit beyond Rome, Florence and Venice.

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Perfect Father's Day Travel Gift

He Will Love It - Guaranteed

best fathers day travel giftLooking for the perfect Father's Day gift of travel for Dad?  Something he will never, ever forget?  Something he can do with you, or a Father/Son or Father/Daughter experience?  In today's blog post we have a travel gift that Dad would probably not plan on his own, but it is a trip he probably has wanted to do for a long time.  Read the blog post to find out this great travel gift for Dad.

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Eight Restaurants in Bayeux, France

small group tours to paris and normandy invasion beachesOne of my favorite tours is The Traveling Professor's Small Group Tour to Paris and the Normandy Invasion Beaches.   We have made several trips there as part of my regular tours and we were proud to run an exclusive tour for the National D-Day Memorial in 2017. We base ourselves close to the invasion beaches in a quaint Norman town called Bayeux.  The food is exquisite and in today's blog post I have posted my restaurant recommendations for Bayeux.

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5 Worst Mistakes You Can Make in Booking Airfare or Hotels

5 worst airline booking mistakesThe Traveling Professor is on the road a lot.  I book a lot of hotels and a lot of flights. In doing this for over 10 years I have made many of mistakes.  However, I have learned from my mistakes. In this blog post I am going to reveal to you some great tips on booking flights and hotels, tips you will probably not find in any other blog post. Avoid these hotel and airline booking mistakes and travel more comfortably, with less stress, and probably at a lower cost.

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9 Website for Fliers

best air traveler websitesFor me, the worst part of traveling is flying. Travelers are always looking for ways to make air travel more affordable and less unbearable.  In today's blog post, The Traveling Professor has researched 9 websites to help the traveler understand what's going on in the airline industry, save money, make flying more comfortable, redeem and spend award miles and points. Check it out and have a great flight!

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What To Do If Your Flight Is Cancelled or Delayed

what to do if your flight is cancelledThe Traveling Professor just got back from doing 3 small group tours to Iceland and the Northern Lights.  On one of our trips, flights going out of Reykjavik were cancelled.  On another one of our tours, flights were delayed out of Boston for a day and flights were cancelled out of JFK New York.  All of our travelers were well-prepared to handle the delays.  In this blog post, I will give valuable tips on what to do in case of flight cancellations or extensive delays.

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Two Enjoyable Boat Rides in Paris

small group tours to parisOn The Traveling Professor's small group tours to Paris, a trip is not complete unless we take a cruise. Just about everyone knows about the Seine River cruise but there are other options too. In today's blog post, The Professor will tell you about the best cruises to take while visiting Paris as well as the best time of day to take them. The Traveling Professor will also give you a tip on a cruise to avoid.  Bon Voyage!

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3 Places to Eat in Iceland

Best Places to Eat in IcelandThe Traveling Professor has done 3 small group tours to Iceland already this year. We had the chance to expand our culinary experiences and we would love to share them with you in this Iceland blog post.  Over the years we have been visiting Iceland, we noticed food offering have been getting better and better, even in locations outside of Reykjavik. Take a look at my recommendations of where to eat inside and outside of Reykjavik, Iceland.

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