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Author: The Traveling Professor/Wednesday, July 11, 2018/Categories: Norway/Iceland/Denmark

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Join The Professor on a small group tour to Norway and find out more about his favorite cities:

Oslo:  I love going in the summer when Mother Nature has turned on the air conditioning.  It is a lot less crowded than other European cities.  You will scream about the wonderful Munch paintings in the National Gallery. The trolley cars snake through the city bringing you to nearly everywhere you need to go including the Nobel Museum, beautiful city hall, harbor front, and the absolutely terrific Vigeland Sculpture Garden which converted a person who disliked sculpture into a sculpture lover.  There is the Norwegian Heritage Museum as well as the Kon-Tiki and Viking Ship Museum.  I love Oslo!

Flam:  More of a small town than a city, it is perfectly perched on the Sogneford.  It is a beautiful tranquil place and on The Traveling Professor's small group tours to Norway we always stay at the beautiful Fretheim Lodge.  It's the perfect place to explore the waterfall lined valley and have an adventure on the fjords.

Bergen:  Another wonderful, compact small Hanseatic city.  Stroll through the clapboard village or take the funicular high above the city for a wonderful view of the fjords.  The food is wonderful and the charm is on steroids.

See photos of The Traveling Professor's last small group tour to Norway here: https://goo.gl/photos/DLVc3pNCk4B1CUHMA

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