Travel Tips for Elite Status Flyers

Make the Most of Your Airline Elite Status

traveling professor reviewsHaving elite status on airlines gets you upgrades, preferred boarding and all sorts of perks.  I've had "Platinum" status with American Airlines and "Sapphire" status on OneWorld flights for several years now.   In this post The Traveling Professor is going to give you tips to optimize your elite status to allow you to maximize the enjoyment of your flight experience.

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6 More Good Tips for Getting The Airfare You Want

Make Things Easier and Cheaper on Yourself

get best airfaresThere are a lot of strategies The Traveling Professor uses when buying airfare.  Travelers need to remember it is not a level playing field when buying plane tickets.  Some travelers have distinct advantages over the others.  How do you get those advantages?  Read my blog post for USEFUL tips on how to get the best airfare and air itineraries.

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5 More Tips for Buying Airline Tickets

Save Money, Save Time, Get the Flight You Want

flight ticket travel tipsThere are many ways to save on airline tickets as well as getting the best itinerary for your trip.  Not only do I purchase tickets for myself, I am constantly looking for ways to help my small group tour clients on getting the best airfares to their destinations too.  Check out the blog post to see how you can save on airfares and get the flight you want.

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5 Tips for Buying Airline Tickets

Save Money and Get the Itinerary You Want

tips for buying airline ticketsThe Traveling Professor flies anywhere from 75,000 to 100,000 miles per year. I take my small groups to Paris, Italy, Scandinavia, and South America as well as make many domestic trips too.    I have American Airlines Platinum elite status and have membership to the Admiral's Club although I do fly airlines other than American.  In today's blog post I am going to give you 5 of my best tips on finding the best air fare, not only price-wise, but itinerary wise.  Plus, I am going to save you a lot of hassles if you have problems with your ticketing.  Read it all here.

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Flight Deals Keep Coming

Now is the Time to Make Travel Plans

great airfaresIn the early 2000's I was regularly getting coach airfares to Europe for under $600.  By 2008 or so it was still possible to fly during peak season into Europe for under $1,000.  In the last 3 or 5 years we have seen international airfares skyrocket.  Lately, it has been hard to find airfares, even in the "off" season for under $1,000.  But 2016 has brought in a new wave of discount carriers.  We are finding great airfares from all parts of North America.  In this blog post I will tell you about some of them and how to find them.

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Great Airfares are Here: How to Get Them

Where the Low Airfares Are

where to find bargain airfaresThe Traveling Professor has been hearing tourism is down, especially in Europe and South America.  People generally don't like traveling during an election year.  Terrorism fears have put a damper on travel to places like Paris and Italy.  My guides, hotels and other sources think tourism has declined about 30% this year.  The Zika virus has put many travelers plans on hold to spots like Peru and Machu Picchu.   Of course we all deplore any kind of terror and violence and we sympathize with those affected with the Zika virus, those willing to travel will find low prices and less crowds.  Today's blog post tells you of some fantastic airfares to Europe and how to find them.
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The Best Airfare Bargain to Europe

The Pros and Cons of Flying Norwegian Air

Norwegian Air Traveling ProfessorI can remember flying on American Airlines to Paris in 2003 for $351 R/T.   Those days are gone.  Airfares, even in the off-season on legacy carriers like American, Delta, and United are well over $1,000.  It is not unusual to see regular coach airfares reach $1,800 in peak season.  These high airfares take a big bite out of one's vacation budget.  However, there are good alternatives to these legacy carriers.  Let me tell you about Norwegian Air in this blog post.

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4 Great Sites for Getting Great Airfares

Save Money and Get the Itinerary YOU Want

good airline dealsSome of The Traveling Professor's most popular blog posts are on how to find great air itineraries and how to save money on flights. I have put together 4 websites that I like for not only getting the best airfares, but also get tips on how to use frequent flyer miles better, tips on credit cards, upgrades and all sorts of airline perks.

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5 More Best Airline Tips

5 Ways to Make Flying Easier

air travel tipsLet's face it, flying is not the way it used to be. Air travel can be a real hassle.   However, there is a lot to be done to make your life in the air much easier. The Traveling Professor had a great response to his last blog post on flying and airline tips.  In response, I came up with 5 more additional tips for the air traveler.

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5 Best Airline Tips

Five Things You Need to Know About Airlines

small group tours to europeYou have heard The Traveling Professor say before that he flies over 100,000 miles per year.  I also have Platinum status on American Airlines and belong to their "Million Miler" club.   But since I take small groups of travelers to various destinations in Europe and South America, I hear from well over 100 flyers per year on their experiences.  Over the years, I have compiled my Top 5 Best Tips on Airlines for today's blog post.

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Who Traveled With Us in 2019

who travels with The Traveling ProfessorThe Traveling Professor ran small group tours to Iceland, Peru and Machu Picchu, Scotland, Croatia, Italy, Normandy Invasion Beaches, and Canada in 2019.  We had a wonderful year, making new friends and traveling to great places.  But who goes on Traveling Professor tours?  In this blog post, we will tell you the number of people and what the make-up of our small group tours looks like.
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26 Places to Eat in Paris

where to eat in ParisAh, we love to eat when we go on our small group tours to Paris.  Who doesn't?  The Professor presents his list of Paris restaurants. The list includes places for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  Some are expensive, some are not.  Some qualify as a great place for a romantic dinner, but most of them are on the casual side. Take advantage of The Professor's experience and see where to eat in Pars. 
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The Perfect 14 Day Introduction to Italy Itinerary

perfect 14 day Italy itineraryEveryone loves Italy.  The Traveling Professor's small group tours to Italy usually covers Venice, Florence, Rome and Sorrento (the Amalfi Coast).  Planning an itinerary can be daunting, but The Traveling Professor makes it easy for the first-time Italy traveler.  See all the great sites, eat wonderful food, experience the culture. Take a look at our introduction to Italy itinerary and get ready to say "Ciao!" to Italy.
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A Visit with Vincent Van Gogh in Auvers

Day trip to Auvers from Paris

Vincent Van Gogh is considered by many to be the greatest painter of all time. He spent much of his time in France.  Those who have gone to Paris with The Traveling Professor on one of his small group tours to Paris can remember walking the neighborhoods frequented by Van Gogh and seeing his paintings at the Musee d'Orsay. In today's guest blog post adapted from a  post originally done by Laura Keefe Junod of, she talks about visiting Auvers - the place where Van Gogh lived, died and is buried. She does a wonderful job of explaining where Van Gogh  lived, died and is buried.

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What to Do in Paris the 2nd Time You Go

what to see 2nd time in ParisThe Eiffel Tower, the Musée d'Orsay, Louvre, Montmartre, Seine River Cruise, Pantheon, Pomidou Center, Rodin Museum, Arc de Triomphe - those are all things people see on their first trip to Paris.  They are timeless sites that probably could be visited time and time again. But what should you see on your second and even third or fourth visit to Paris. In this blog, The Traveling Professor gives some ideas on other great sites that would be superstars in nearly any other place in the world. 
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