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4 Favorite Authentic Towns in Italy

authentic italian townWhen The Traveling Professor did his annual traveler survey over the summer, over 67% of the respondents indicated they preferred to travel to more uncommon destinations.   On my small group tours to Italy we do travel to more touristy cities like Rome, Venice, and Florence, but I think people are looking for those more uncrowded and less touristy authentic Italian towns.   In this blog post I list my favorite authentic Italian towns that get away from those larger, touristy cities.

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What's So Good About Norway, Anyway?

small group tours to norway 2017Cold, expensive, nothing to do?  That's what I hear from people when I mention they go on a small group tour to Norway.  But since The Traveling Professor introduced his small group tours to Norway (along with Denmark and Iceland), it has become an extremely popular tour.  Find out why people are willing to "Let It Go" and live their  "Frozen" dreams on a tour to Norway.

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Paris Fashion Tour

Paris Fashion for WomenIn honor of fashion week in Paris, let's do a Paris fashion blog post.  It's no secret that Paris is the center of the universe in terms of fashion for both men and women.  So, on request, and frequently on one of The Traveling Professor's women's tours to Paris, we stop at any one of the three places mentioned in today's blog post.

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Travel Products of the Month

travel power supply chargersWe leave for a small group tour to Italy with 11 people on Saturday.  We then begin a small group tour of Paris later in October.  In putting together my electronic needs, I see I have an iPhone, Amazon Kindle, and a Fitbit watch that all need to be charged while in Europe.  So this week’s travel products of the month feature 3 of the best products to help keep my power needs online while on the road.

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How to Have a Luxury Vacation for Less

luxury travel on a budgetWho likes to travel in style?  I certainly do.  Who likes to save money while traveling in style?  I certainly do.  There are ways you can have a great vacation and still not pay a lot for it.  Take a look at my blog post to get some tips on traveling well without spending a lot of money.

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3 New Tours in Fall 2017

small group tours 2017The Traveling Professor's small group tours will be going to new destinations in the Fall of 2017.  About 60% to 90% of those who have traveled with us before go on our trips.  We're always looking for new and exciting places to go and we wanted to let you know what we have in the works for our small group tours in 2017.

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A Simple Guide to Taking Better Travel Photos

How To Take Better Travel PhotosEveryone takes photos while on a tour.  Most of them are frankly, lousy.  Even a good photographer will go through hundreds, even thousands of shots before they find that one photo they love. In my travel blog post I will go over some of the same pointers I give when I teach my travel writing classes to my students.  It will take just about a minute or two to read my tips on how to take good travel photos and I guarantee you will bring home better souvenirs of your next trip.

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3 Good Restaurants in Paris

good paris restaurantsWe just got back from a week in Paris with a small group of 8 women travelers.  We had a great time.   There are a wide variety of restaurants in Paris.   Of course there are a few "cheap" places to eat, but for just a few euros more, you can find very good quality at a reasonable price.  See my blog post for 

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Two Places to Spend Halloween in Paris

What to do in Paris on HalloweenOn our last small group tour to Paris, we were there during the Halloween season.   Halloween in Paris is catching on.  There are Halloween parties, and the storefronts do have Halloween displays.   In today's blog post, I will give you some tips on good places to spend Halloween in Paris.

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5 Dining Secrets of Florence

food in florenceMelanie Wilson is a colleague who lived in Florence for some time as a student.   She is like a food detective who goes out early in the morning or late at night to satisfy her culinary desires.   In today's blog post Melanie tells about her favorite places in Florence.   I suspect you won't find too many of these food spots in a guidebook, so when they ask you how you found the place, tell them Melanie sent you. 

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