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Cruising in the Age of COVID-19

Cruising in the Age of COVID-19

If you are concerned about cruising in the age of the Corona virus, join the crowd.  Who would feel comfortable about getting on a ship with hundreds or even thousands of people you don't know?  How about visiting busy ports and mingling with people from all over the world?  However, there are ways to more safely enjoy a cruise.

The Traveling Professor has been offering small ship, luxury cruises to Croatia for several years now.   Of course when these cruises were introduced years ago, no one thought of the impact of COVID-19.  But this is why a Traveling Professor small ship cruise makes sense in cruising in the age of the Corona virus:

Small luxury ship limited to about 30 persons:  A small group limits cruiser contact to a limited amount of people.  It is easier to screen and interview those going on the cruise to see if they have been exposed to the Corona virus.  This would be nearly impossible on a cruise liner with thousands of people.  And in the unfortunate situation that someone on the ship has been exposed to the virus, it is relatively easy to trace where contact is made.  

Plenty of room on the ship: On a small luxury ship, there is plenty of room on deck and the dining area can be easily set up to promote social distancing.

Off peak season cruising:  Ports of call can be terribly crowded during the peak travel season with travelers from all over the world.  Travel off-season to avoid those big crowds.  The fortunate thing about traveling to Croatia in October is that the weather is warm, warm enough to swim everyday.

Croatia is the place to go:  Croatia cruising offers unsurpassed beauty and value.  As mentioned, October is the perfect time to cruise in October with sunny and warm days and beautiful sunsets.

Join The Traveling Professor on a small ship cruise to Croatia and the Dalmatian coast.





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