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What They Are Saying
You Do a Great Job

I just wanted to thank you for a great 2 weeks. Traveling solo was a first for me. I felt welcomed from the 1st day. You do a great job taking care of your travelers and it is apparent that you love what you do.   Italy, Fall 2018

First of all, merci beacoup to you! The trip was great. I can't believe how much we did while in Paris and we have to thank you for making all the expert arrangements.   Paris, 2019.

Ross Williams
June S.Vancouver, BC
My Favorite Trip

I have been all over the world and this by far was my favorite trip. Thank you for organizing it so beautifully and for providing the freedom to off plan if we chose to do so. You and Linda were great and I'm happy to have met you both. Of course, Nancy, Janet and I really hit it off and that was a pretty special perk. 

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for an unforgettable experience.  Denmark/Norway/Iceland Spring 2019

Jennifer Freeman
Rebecca D.Garland, TX
Our Fourth Trip

This was our fourth trip with you in 5 years.  I don't know how you take care of all the details and pull it off so perfectly, but it was a great trip for all 4 of us.  I would also like to thank the rest of the group for positively adding to my experience.  Italy, Fall 2018, Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast, Summer 2019, Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands by Scenic Rail, Fall 2019, Paris & the Normandy Invasion Beaches, Fall 2020

Willie Clark
Robert & Ellen S.Rockville, MD
Real Comments from Travelers

I absolutely loved this cruise! (Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast) Went solo not knowing anyone on the cruise…everyone was lovely.

Tanya N., New Orleans

I can’t tell you how very enjoyable was the trip we had with you and your whole group there in Canada. It was an absolute pleasure to spend those days with you guys. We made some really good friends and just really had a blast! We’ve been going through withdrawal a little bit since we got back. We’ve been dealing with some tough times here this past year both healthwise and with friends that we’ve lost and others that are not doing so well. So it was a real pleasure to be able to spend that week up there. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having such a great trip planned that we could enjoy. Thank you again, for being such a great tour guide!!

I hope you and your wife have a very Merry Christmas!

Terry and Bob, Philadelphia, PA.

Thanks for the great Canada trip. Enjoyed every moment. Merry Christmas!
Sarah H from Virginia

Steve and Linda - I am ready to travel as soon as it is safe! Your tours are great and feel "just right" to me. I like the balance between structured time and leisure time. I'll keep watching your website and let you know of my interest in specific trips. Thank you!
Susie from Texas

My trip to the Normandy Invasion Beaches was more amazing than I could have ever imagined.
Janae from Virginia

There is truly nothing that come to mind about my trip that could have been improved. Great job ya'll!
Katie from Alabama

Your tour of Paris with like-minded women - independent solo travellers - was life changing for me. Travel changes, inspires and enriches every possible aspect of life. Thank you for doing what you do.
Christine from Hawaii

Scotland and Croatia were wonderful trips. The docents were great. Local travel and housing was well organized and comfortable.
Bill from Philadelphia

The Paris and Normandy tour created a benchmark for all travels. Learned about the history of D Day in a way that still moves me to this day. Made some great friends on that trip!
Carol from Virginia Beach, Virginia

Really impressed by your knowledge of gour areas and personal attention to detail. Makes the trips memorable in so many ways.

Love your trips (Machu Pichu, Paris and Norway/Copenhagen/Iceland. Lodging is alway top notch, centrally located to activities, great restaurants. Tour guides are always very informative and helpful! Awesome activities are always offered! Free time! You and Linda are always available to provide guidance, tips and laughs! Love your tours!! The list of my favorite activities is way too long to list! I have absolutely no complaints!
Jean from Ohio

Really enjoyed meeting small group of new people. Meals are more fun when there’s a small group to share it with. Enjoyed getting to know the “neighborhood” in Padua. Like having tour guides to give an overview and some history before heading out to explore. Your tours offer a good mix of guided and free time (that’s what we tell people who say, “Oh, I don’t like travel with a tour company.”).
Louise from Princeton, New Jersey

I have been on 2 tours (Italy and Croatia) and enjoyed both immensely. I am looking for wildlife destinations and active adventure and more exotic travel like Madagascar going forward. I would like to visit some of these destinations while I still can.
Maura from British Columbia, Canada

As I have said, Normandy beaches, with its history, structure, and some participants likely to be nerdy types, was the best tour of our lives. We never mind splitting the bill in half, even if we don’t drink the beer. The people are so nice, and that’s how we do it! Problem is that bars were never part of our culture, and we are usually shy. Frequently my husband would rather learn stuff in a museum or exploration rather than a bar. Like take a bus to the cave or walk the tour. I recognize that there is much to learn about the town and the people at the bar, just not so much for us.
Fran from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I really liked the small group format and planned daily agendas with free tome to explore further or rest. Your explicit instructions as to how to get from the arrival gate at the Venice airport to the water bus were really helpful. The whole trip was marvelous.
Paula from Wisconsin

I went on The Northern Italy trip in fall of 2019 and it was fantastic. The hotels, the tours, the transportation were all terrific. It was a pleasure to meet and have fun with the other great travelers in the group. But, most of all, you, Steve and Linda, were the reason for a great trip. I'm a worry wort and at no time did I have to think or worry about any detail or part of the trip. That to me, is a successful vacation. Looking forward to traveling together again soon.
Gina from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We went on an Italy tour with Steve and Linda and loved every minute of it! Great experience. We are sorry we didn't go with them to Ireland.
Linda from Illinois

I have only traveled once with Linda and Steve - an amazing trip to Venice and Northern Italy. Next up! Norway and Copenhagen in the summer of 2022! This is really the best way to travel - small, active groups, local and knowledgeable guides, and the assurance that Steve and Linda are at the helm.
Jennifer from Nevada