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Band of Brothers Tour Normandy

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Small group tours to Normandy

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Paris to the Normandy Beaches Tour with Mont St-Michel and Giverny, the Home of Monet

A visit to the Normandy Invasion Beaches is a life-changing experience for many.

Basic Details:  Starts in Paris on May 2, 2025.  Ends in Paris on May 8, 2025. Price is $3299 per person, double occupancy.  Have your own room for only $699.

A tour to the Normandy beaches, cemeteries, and battle sites pays tribute to the acts of bravery our heroes displayed on June 6, 1944.  It brings with it a greater understanding and appreciation of the events surrounding that fateful day.  Walk in the sand at Utah and Omaha beach to get the vantage point of the liberators when their landing-craft ramps dropped into the surf.  Visit enemy bunkers.  Stare down the cliffs scaled by the Rangers at Pointe du Hoc.  Walk through liberated villages still scarred by the ferocious fighting. Stand on the hallowed ground where “The Bedford Boys” sacrificed all they could as the first wave of invaders at Vierville Draw.  Track the footsteps of the Band of Brothers.  See the beaches where "Saving Private Ryan" was based upon. Everyone experiences different emotions upon seeing the field of crosses and Stars of David at the American Cemetery, but be assured of this - the memory of your visit will not soon be forgotten.

We think this small group tour to Normandy from Paris is the best way to see Normandy.  Only with a small group tour to Normandy, not those big bus tours, can those remote and important sites like out-of-the way bunkers and fortified positions be visited.

Best Normandy Tour Guides: They are experienced, well-known, and dedicated to telling the fascinating stories of D Day.  We have the best tour guides in Normandy.

Visit all Five Beaches:  We think this is the best Normandy beaches tour.  Why?  We get right on the beaches and view what the invaders faced as they were given the command to "go" and hit the Normandy beaches.  Visit Utah Beach & Omaha Beach (American), Sword & Gold (British/Commonwealth) and Juno (Canadian) beaches.  Special attention is paid to Easy Red and Dog Green sectors. Only with a small group tour to Normandy are all of these sites available.

Museums:   Private tour of Hillman Bunker (based upon availablity).  American Cemetery Visitor Center. 

Other Sites and Memorials: Pegasus Bridge, Café Gondrée, Ranville Commonwealth Cemetery, Ouisterham Casino, Commandos memorial, Mulberry artificial reefs, La Fiére, St. Mere Eglise, Brecourt Manor, Easy Red beach, Vierville Draw, entrance to various bunkers, visits to various gun placements, American Cemetery at Collevile-sur-Mer, Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, Pointe du Hoc, Church of Angoville-Au-Plain, Le Cambe Germany war cemetery, plus many more memorials and sites of interest.  Let us know exactly what you want to see and we will put it on the itinerary.

Mont St-Michel:  Visit one of the wonders of the world, the "Castle in the Sea", the abbey of Mont St-Michel.  Private guided van transportation between our hotel with admission to the abbey.

Giverny, the Home and Gardens of Claude Monet:  Enjoy a lunchtime 2-hour stop on our journey from Paris to Normandy to explore the gardens and home of the famed Impressionist painter, Claude Monet.

This tour from Paris to the D Day beaches will not soon be forgotten.  The experience of walking in the sands of Utah and Omaha beach or entering the bunkers is more than memorable. 

What's Included?
  • 1 night in Paris hotel.  5 nights in Bayeux, headquarters for our Normandy tours.  Daily breakfast at hotel.
  • Private van transportation from Paris to Giverny with admission to Giverny, the home and gardens of Claude Monet.
  • Return train transportation from Bayeux to Paris Gare St. Lazare train station.
  • Transportation to/from Mt. St Michel with admission to abbey.
  • Professional Normandy guide services with luxury van transportation while touring Normandy Beaches.  
  • Rich, ambitious, and smartly planned itinerary.
What Makes this Tour So Special?
  • Everyone feels welcome with a small group of 10-13 friendly travelers.  We move about quickly and efficiently at our own pace.  The obvious advantage to traveling with a small group of 10-14 travelers is that we are able to get to sites the big bus tours cannot get to.  We get right on the beaches, in the bunkers, and have special access to certain sites (Hillman Bunker, Brecourt Manor, and private entrance to bunker at Utah Beach) other tour groups cannot get to.
  • Supply us with the name and company of someone you knew who participated in D-Day and we will do the research to find out what their role was.
  • Every traveler has input on what we see and do on this trip.
  • Solo travelers as well as those with travel partners welcome on this Paris to the Normandy beaches tour.
  • Professional licensed guides are with us in Normandy.  They passionately tell the story of D-Day.  
  • Personal Service: The Professor makes sure you are well-prepared for the tour. We advise on all aspects of the trip such as air itineraries, money matters, packing, passports, and what to expect on this tour.  We are here to help - call us (413.528.2125) or email us with your questions.
  • Well-planned itineraries for those who like to see and do a lot. 
Want to Go or Have a Question?
Hotels and Important Info
  • Travelers depart from their home city and meet at the hotel in Paris.  Airfare is not included.
  • Travelers must be able to walk 2-4 miles daily and have no mobility issues to tour the Normandy Invasion Beaches.
  • Hotels:  Paris Hotel Grand Balcons.  Hotel Churchill Bayeux.  The Churchill is the best place to stay in Normandy for a D Day tour.
  • Extra nights in Paris or Bayeux available upon request.

2025 Tour Dates and Pricing
  • Starts in Paris and continues on to the Normandy Beaches on May 2, 2025.  Ends in Paris on May 8, 2025.
  • Price:  $3299 per person, double occupancy.  Have your own room for only $699.  Email or call for additional discount availability.