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Steve Solosky operates one of the best women's travel companies
Professor Steve Solosky

Founder, The Traveling Professor

Steve Solosky, The Traveling Professor, founded the travel company in 2008.  He is an author, accomplished and engaging speaker, and well-known in the small group tour community.  His small group tour philosophy provides for special and intimate travel experiences for every person.

Steve has attributed three things to the success of The Traveling Professor as being one of the best small group travel companies.  The first quality is "customer service", followed by "customer service", and finally, "customer service".  

Linda Sloan is part of our women's travel community
Linda Sloan

Owner/Tour Leader

Linda's skill is in picking the best hotels and making sure a tour runs really, really smoothly.  Travelers love her "Let's Go!" attitude and her cheery disposition. Her favorite small group tour destination would have to be Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands.  Ireland is not far behind on that list.  

She is most proud of being to create a community of women travelers who have made lasting friendships through Traveling Professor tours

The Traveling Professor's Story

Over 20 years ago I started traveling to Paris on my own during breaks from my job as a professor at the State University of New York.   Since I am a meticulous note Traveling Professor Small Group Tourstaker, I wrote down everything a traveler to Paris might want to know: hotels, attractions, restaurants, transportation, packing, hidden secrets, money saving ideas, travel tips and more.   Soon afterwards, civic organizations and continuing education programs invited me to present programs on Paris travel.  At those presentations I handed out my travel notes. People told me I should turn those notes into a book, so in 2008 I published "The Traveling Professor's Guide to Paris".  It became a best-seller. Readers from all over the country asked me to take them to Paris and voila! - my small group tour business was born.   They enjoyed my small group tours for adults to Paris so much they wanted more.  I have since retired from being a professor and added small group tours to Italy, Spain, Peru & Machu Picchu, Canada, Iceland, Spain, Norway, Scotland, Ireland, Croatia and other destinations.   Each year we take small group tours of  about 12-18 adults on 10-16 trips per year.  We think we are one of the best small group tour companies to be found anywhere.  

I love our small group tour philosophy.  First of all, our target audience has always been small group tours for seniors.  We also specialize in small group tours for women.  This has helped us build what we thing is one of the best small group tour companies anyone can take a trip with.  We give our groups a better and more intimate and special travel experience than those big tours of 25-45 can.   However, I am most proud of the fact that over the years we have built a "community" of travelers.  By that I mean many people who have gone on my tours have made lasting friendships.  Those travel friends either travel together again on their own trips or they come back to another Traveling Professor tour.

I have been a regularly featured speaker at The New York Times Travel Show.   I have been cited as an expert  in The New York Times travel articles and regularly contribute to travel-related stories.  My profile appeared in The Wall Street Journal.  Frommer's magazine called me "One of their most savviest travelers".  I enjoy speaking about travel to civic organizations and groups.  

When not living out of suitcase, I reside in Frisco, TX and Mount Holly, North Carolina.

I can talk about travel for hours and nothing pleases me more than making dreams come true by taking people on my small group tours.

Professor Steve Solosky, The Traveling Professor