Travel Insurance and What You Need to Know

Travel Insurance for the International Traveler

Author: The Traveling Professor/Saturday, July 12, 2014/Categories: General Travel

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Travel Medical Insurance:  In my opinion, this is the most important insurance to have.  Most US health insurance policies do not cover overseas medical care.   Travel medical insurance covers health and dental issues with varying reasonable deductibles.   On a tour to Paris, we had a traveler become ill.  A doctor visited, prescribed medicine, and it was covered by the traveler’s travel insurance policy.   Medical insurance usually covers medical evacuation, which can be a very expensive proposition, bedside visits by doctors, and repatriation of remains.   Policies can be purchased for the length of a single trip, but for those traveling overseas on 2 or more tours per year, I recommend considering a one-year policy.

Trip Cancellation/Interruption:  These policies generally cover trip cancellation, interruption, delay, missed connections, and in some cases some minor medical benefits.   In my opinion, these policies are generally not good values unless you are anticipating a particular reason why a trip might be delayed or interrupted.  If a flight is delayed or cancelled, any major airline will rebook your flight at no cost.   If baggage is lost, they will also reimburse you.   I have seen most airlines refund fares, even though they say the won’t, if a passenger or their traveling companion has a significant illness.    The one case where I saw trip cancellation and interruption worth the money was when on a tour to Peru and Machu Picchu where a traveler lost her passport.   She had to obtain a new passport and reschedule flights costing her about $700 which was covered by her insurance.   Trip cancellation and interruption insurance is purchased on a single trip basis.

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