The Best Way to Exchange Dollars to Euros

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Author: The Traveling Professor/Tuesday, August 26, 2014/Categories: General Travel

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Here are the best ways to exchange dollars to euros when on tour in Paris or Italy:

Use a Credit Card Whenever Possible:   If using the right credit card, the "fair" exchange fee will be used with no markups or foreign transaction fees.  Again, make sure to get a credit card with no foreign exchange fees.

Exchange Money at Dinner:  On my small group tours to Paris and Italy, we often go out for group dinners with 5 or 6 people.  Instead of going to an ATM to withdraw euros, sometimes on person collects the bill from diners and then pays with a credit card.   It eliminates a trip to the ATM and in effect, it is an exchange of dollars for euros.

Withdraw Euros from an ATM:   This is easily the best way to get euros.   Again, make sure there are no foreign transaction fees associated with the ATM card.

DO NOT USE:  Traveler's Checks, money exchange services, hotel exchange services.    Fees can be excessive.  These are definitely not the best way to exchange dollars for euros.

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