Organizing a Tour as a Fund Raiser

A Win-Win for All Involved

Author: The Traveling Professor/Monday, July 6, 2015/Categories: General Travel

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Running a tour as a fund-raising activity is a good idea for several reasons.

First of all, it's a great excuse to get everyone from a particular organization or interest group together.   For instance, an idea for a fund-raising tour might be for a veteran's organization to travel to the Normandy Invasion Beaches.  We have seen a Chamber of Commerce group from our local community take a small group tour to Italy.  A wine club once organized a tour to Chile and Argentina.  Part of the profits of the tours go back into the organization sponsoring the tour. 

As part of the planning process, the organization decides how much of the proceeds from the tour will go towards their organization.

Fundraising tours are extremely effective in getting people involved in an organization.   Long after the tour is over, travelers stay closely connected to that group.

Usually these tours are private tours.   The organizations sets the date, time and itinerary while consulting with The Traveling Professor.    There is always a contact with the organization who recruits travelers.   I usually take care of everything else from answering questions to all of the hotel, ticketing, guiding, restaurants, travel, etc.   There may also be some extra services added in.  For example, on a fund-raising tour to Paris, we might add in classical music performances for an orchestral group.   On a fundraising tour to Florence and Italy, we might emphasize more art museums for a cultural society.   On a tour to Bolivia I am arranging for a church group to visit their missions, I am planning a side tour to Machu Picchu.

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