Why You Should Go To Cuba NOW..Not Later

Go Now...And Not Five Years from Now

Author: The Traveling Professor/Tuesday, July 7, 2015/Categories: General Travel

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The Traveling Professor will be taking a small group tour to Cuba next January. We think NOW is the time to go to Cuba, for the following reasons:

Political Climate:  the United States is in the process of normalizing relations with Cuba.  We think this is a positive since it is (or will soon be) easier to make travel arrangements.  US citizens can now use credit cards there, there are no limits on daily spending, visitors can return with souvenirs, and get insurance policies that were not previously available.

Travel:  More and more airlines and cruise companies will be able to arrange for transportation to Cuba.

However, I think the opening of Cuba is going to bring upon some negative things.   For instance, I heard today that Carnival Cruises will be doing their first cruise to Cuba in May of 2016.  You know what that means.  Thousands of tourists being dumped on Havana every day.   Look what that has done to places like Venice and Key West.   They are overrun with day-trippers that just make it crowded.

I also think that Cuba will lose its individuality and uniqueness as more travelers arrive.   Take my advice - travel now to Cuba. 

The Traveling Professor's description of his tour to Cuba can be found by clicking HERE.

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