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Some Myths Busted and Some Tips Revealed

Author: The Traveling Professor/Sunday, August 9, 2015/Categories: General Travel

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Credit Card Travel Insurance Covers Less Than You Think It Does:   Actually most credit cards that do advertise travel insurance as one of their benefits have minimal, very minimal coverage.   Check with your credit card company.

Credit Card Travel Insurance Covers More Than You Think It Does:  Usually the premium credit cards cover more than you think.  For instance, last February, me and my traveling companion had our flight cancelled requiring us to stay in the hotel airport overnight.   The credit card travel insurance picked up 100% of the hotel bill plus meals - and I didn't even charge the trip to the credit card that provided the coverage.  Again, check with your credit card company.

What If I Buy Trip Insurance and Don't Take The Trip:   Let's say you plan a trip for 6 months from now and the tour operator cancels or postpones the trip.   This is more common with cruise companies or when airlines go out of business or cancel flights.  Do you get the cost of the trip insurance back?  The answer is that most insurance companies will not refund the cost of the travel insurance.  But one company, Allianz, has a "770 rule" which allows the trip insurance policy to be applied towards a future trip.

Taking More Than One International Trip Per Year?:  Buy an annual policy for just a little bit more money than a single trip policy.  It covers the traveler for a year as long as any single trip is not over a certain amount of days, usually about 70.

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