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Author: The Traveling Professor/Saturday, August 15, 2015/Categories: Italy

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Whether taking small groups of adults on a tour of Italy or traveling on my own, I find these places among the best places to eat in Florence.

Trattoria al Trebbio:  Nice bright atmosphere in a relaxed but sophisticated setting, I like the ceramics on the walls, the country tables and chairs.  For me the Tuscan vegetables hit the spot and it is the best place to get a Florentine steak at a reasonable price. http://www.casatrattoria.com/restaurant/trattoria-al-trebbio/

Il Latini:  Food, food, then they serve more food.  We have been there for group dinners where they served 23, that right twenty-three courses.  It's about 45 euros to sit down for this extravaganza but a lot of fun especially if dining with a group.  http://www.illatini.com/

Trattoria Za Za:  Located near the Mercado Centrale, so the ingredients are fresh.  Tasty Tuscan food, I especially enjoy the appetizers and the pastas.   My pick for dining al fresco.  http://www.trattoriazaza.it/

Mercado Centrale:  Relatively new to the dining scene in Florence, the upper floors of the working food market have at night, been transformed into a tapas-like food court.   There is always a buzz there with various vendors selling pizza, pasta, fish, traditional Tuscan dishes, gelato and much more.   There is something there for everyone and the price is right too.

These are just four of my picks for the best places to eat in Florence Italy.  I have several more spots that you want to try.  If you have some of your favorites, just list them in the comments section.

For more info on my tours to Italy, see www.travelingprofessor.com

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