My "Go To" Travel Websites

I Find Myself Using Them All The Time - Maybe You Should Too

Author: The Traveling Professor/Thursday, September 24, 2015/Categories: General Travel

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Here are the websites The Traveling Professor uses on a regular basis:

Airlines:  For planning itineraries, I always use  In fact, I have a 7-page guide showing you how to get the BEST air itinerary:  I also use for finding the best seats on airlines.

Trains:  Don't use but use Captaine Train (see to avoid all those extra fees charged by RailEurope.   Captaine Train also offers more discounts for seniors and other categories.  If booking in Italy, I go to directly.

Hotels:  To be honest with you, I don't usually use websites to find hotels.   For my tours, I MUST inspect each hotel personally.  But when traveling domestically, I always use the Hotels Tonight app for great hotel deals.

Weather:   I check the weather, regardless of which city I am in, on my iPhone.

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