What's So Good About Norway, Anyway?

See Why it is the New Travel Hot Spot

Author: The Traveling Professor/Wednesday, September 28, 2016/Categories: Norway/Iceland/Denmark

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As part of my Traveling Professor small group tours, we have been going to Norway for 3 years now.  It has developed into our most popular tour.  Here is why:

Spectacular Natural Beauty:  I have traveled all over Europe and South America.  Norway beats everyone by a mile.  There are days we see hundreds of tall waterfalls, the fjords are something that cannot be found in the United States and are stunning.  The train rides from sunny Oslo to a snowy wonderland, even in June, are breathtaking.

Clean, Safe, Uncrowded Cities:  On our small group tours to Norway, we commonly visit Oslo, Flam, and Bergen.  Oslo is a modern city on a fjord.  There are art museums, folklore musems, and great architecture.  Our visitors love the Norwegian folklore museum as well as the Kon-Tiki museum and Nobel Peace Prize exhibit.  Great for walking, great for food, it is just a pleasant, relaxed experience.   Staying in Flam at the Fretheim Hotel is like staying at a grand National Park lodge, but this one overlooks the Sogneford.  Bergen is a Hanseatic city full of history, culture, good food, and natural beauty.

No, It's Not That Expensive:  Due to the week Norwegian Krone (their unit of money), Norway has become much more affordable.  On our Traveling Professor small group tours we stay in upscale 3-star or 4-star hotels.  The cost is comparable to what we spend in Italy or Paris.  Food costs are higher and I would say that sit-down lunches will be about $20-$25 and dinners about $15 more.  Transportation and museum costs are typical of any European city.   But where you really save on a trip to Norway is on the relatively inexpensive airfare on carriers like Norwegian Air and IcelandAir.  Their fares are comparatively lower than other major airlines to other parts of Europe.  So in the end, you'll pay just as much to visit crowded, hot Rome as you will to visit cool, uncrowded Oslo.

Is It Cold?  Sure, if you visit in the winter.  But in the summer when it is 95 degrees in Rome or Madrid, enjoy a mid 70's temperature in Norway.

Editor's Note:  The Traveling Professor will visit on a small group tour to Norway in June of 2017.   Photos of our previous small group tour to Norway can be found near the top of this page.

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