A Simple Guide to Taking Better Travel Photos

4 Simple Rules to Being a Better Travel Photographer

Author: The Traveling Professor/Saturday, October 8, 2016/Categories: Travel Tips

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Here is The Traveling Professor's 1-minute guide  for simple tips for taking good travel photos.

A Big, Clunky Camera is NOT Necessary for Amateur Photographers:  I used to have one of those big bulky "professional" cameras but I found it a hassle to carry around, so I wound up leaving it in the hotel most of the time.   Then I bought a small, compact Canon Power Shot model that easily fit into my pocket and I found myself clicking away.  Nowadays I am even using my iPhone more and more as the technology evolves to put great features in a phone that is small and compact. 

Take As Many Shots As You Can:  Even the pros take tons of photos before they find one they like.  Get a monster-sized memory card (at least 64gb) and click away.  For example, at Giverny (the home of Monet) anyone can be a good photographer.   I will take 7-10 shots of the same subject hoping I can get 1 good photograph.

Put a Person in Your Shot:  95% of the time, a travel photograph looks better when there is a person in it.

Avoid the Panoramic Shots:  A basic of travel photography is to always have an element in the foreground and in the background.

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