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This Convenient Product Makes Travel Easier

Author: The Traveling Professor/Friday, July 14, 2017/Categories: Travel Product of the Month

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This month's Travel Product of the Month is the Amazon Basics Digital Scale.

Why buy a digital scale for travel?

  • Prevent overweight baggage charges
  • If shipping back items from overseas to home, get an accurate weight to avoid extra charges
  • If sending out laundry while on the road, this device gives an accurate read-out of the weight

Features include:

  • Small and Compact
  • Easy to Use
  • Low Price
  • Displays in pounds and kilograms
  • Can measure up to 110 pounds

Here is the best quote about the product (from Amazon) that I have seen:

If your're traveling abroad, this little gem is a lifesaver especially if you're taking gifts, etc for family members halfway across the world. No more standing in line, breaking out in a cold sweat, thinking to yourself, "is the airline agent going to make me throw something out? Are they going to reject my baggage? Are they going to charge me an extra $300 bucks because I'm 2 lbs over the limit?" No more stares from strangers thinking "poor sap, couldn't bother to weigh your baggage before getting to the airport, and now you're having to repack everything on the floor in front of the ticket counter at the airport!" This also proved invaluable in that I learned my carry-on rollerboard alone weight 13 lbs - more than half the limit allowed on my international flight!

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