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Great Way to See 2 Beautiful Countries

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When The Traveling Professor goes to Denmark and Norway, we like to do as much of our traveling as possible by ferry and rail.  This is how we do it.

DFDS Ferry Commodore Class Cabin from Denmark to Oslo:  This is an overnight ferry that runs every day between Denmark and Oslo.  We always take in the direction of Denmark to Norway.  The cost of a Commodore Class cabin is about $300 (without a car being transported) and includes breakfast.  There are no twin-bedded Commodore cabins but the large bed easily accommodates two passengers.  The ship boards at about 3 pm daily arriving in Oslo the next morning.  The approach into the Oslo fjord in the morning is absolutely spectacular and one of my favorite travel experiences. 

Train from Oslo to Myrdal: To start our cross country adventure, we take the train from sea level in Oslo.  The Norwegian NSB trains are modern, fast, and clean.    For about $100, we board the noon-time train in sea-level Oslo.  We travel through forests, tunnels, lakes, while viewing waterfalls and even snow in the summer to Myrdal at an altitude of 2850 feet.

Flamsbana Train between Myrdal and Flam:  Hands-down, this is one of the most spectacular train rides in the world.  It travels only 12 miles, but what a 12 miles!  Through tunnels, along waterfalls, besides rivers in the Flam Valley.  If you can find a more scenic ride, please let me know about it.  We arrive at the fjord in Flam and always stay at the wonderful Fretheim Hotel.  The next day we like to take the Flamsbana railway partially or fully back up to Myrdal and either bike or hike back to Flam - all downhill.

Ferry from Flam to Gudvagen:  On our Traveling Professor small group tours, we don't do this option (we think we have a better way), but it may be a good option for others.  It is a beautiful cruise but traveling from Gudvagen to Bergen is a chore.  Instead, what we do on our small group tours to Norway is to do a fjord excursion on the Fjord Safari Rib boats.  It is much more exciting and gets you up close and personal with waterfalls and wildlife.  We highly prefer this experience. 

Train from Myrdal to Bergen:  Again we board the Flamsbana and connect in Myrdal for the 3 hour trip to Bergen.  Again, it is a pleasant and relaxing journey through the lake region and waterfalls and tunnels. 

Join The Traveling Professor on his next small group tour to Norway and Copenhagen by train and ferry.  For full details (including photos), click HERE.

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