Things The Professor Cannot Travel Without

See What I'm Packing on My Next Small Group Tour

Author: The Traveling Professor/Monday, August 13, 2018/Categories: Travel Tips

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On my small group tours, there are some things I cannot travel without. In this blog post, I have omitted the obvious things people pack on trips, but here are some things I MUST have when traveling:

Small Scissors:  Not the big ones, but the kind kids use in kindergarten.  They go through security pretty easily.  I find them very useful to snip off luggage tags, take out pages of books and magazines (to get maps, recipes, etc.).  They also come in handy when I purchase something wrapped in that rigid plastic.

Rubber Bands:  It drives my travel companion crazy, but I always like to travel with those big, monster rubber bands.  When walking around down, I wrap up my credit cards, paper currency, transportation pass in a big, fat rubber band and stuff it in my pocket.  Why?  It makes it really difficult for pickpockets to get it out of my pocket.  Once you bring rubber bands on a trip, there are a thousand and one uses to be found for them. 

Headphones:  Essential for the plane.

Auxiliary Battery Charger:  For those times I can't find an outlet to charge my iPhone

Plastic Bags:  They come in VERY handy for keeping stuff dry and separating dirty clothes and shoes from clean ones.

Backpack:  Essential for getting at things that I need to get to quickly like headphones, passports, meds, travel docs, snacks, etc.

I always bring with me binoculars, extra pair of shoes, extra pair of glasses, and a pen.

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