4 Places to Go in the Winter

Less Crowds and Lower Costs

Author: The Traveling Professor/Wednesday, August 29, 2018/Categories: Norway/Iceland/Denmark, Spain, Germany & Austria

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Actually, there are some good places to visit in the cold weather.  Here are The Traveling Professor's picks:

Iceland:  The average temperature in Iceland is only a few degrees colder than Milan, Italy in the winter.  It always seems to be warmer than New York. Iceland is perfect for viewing the Northern Lights and enjoying bathing at the Blue Lagoon.

Austria: The Christmas markets in Vienna and Salzburg are wonderful.  Did you know Salzburg is where the song "Silent Night" was composed.  Visiting a Christmas market in Austria is like going back in time 50 years, to the Christmas time you remember as a child.

Norway:  If you love the fun of the snow, this is the place to go. They're used to the cold weather in Norway and they make it easy to get around and enjoy it.  Take advantage of the discount winter prices too.

Spain: You certainly don't want to go to Spain in the summer unless you want to roast.  Spain can be terribly crowded in the Spring and Fall. It is thoroughly enjoyable in November, January, February and March


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