4 Things to do in Oslo Norway

Oslo is Full of Art, Culture, and History

Author: The Traveling Professor/Friday, March 1, 2019/Categories: Norway/Iceland/Denmark

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The Traveling Professor has run quite a few small group tours to Norway since 2013.  Back then, it was quite expensive.  However, the currency exchange range has since changed in the favor of the traveler and Norway is certainly an affordable place to visit.  Oslo is easy to get around with a fun and enjoyable tram system as well as a ferry boat that will get you over to the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History described below. 

Whenever we visit Oslo, we arrive by DFDS ferry boat from Copenhagen or through Oslo's modern airport. 

In Oslo, pickup the Oslo Pass.  It gives admission to all major museums as well as public transportation in Oslo including busses, trams, subways and some ferries. 

All 4 of the places listed below are easy to get to.  Start at by taking the #12 tram to Aker Brygge.  Located on  Bygdøy are all the attractions listed in this blog post.  The best way to get to Bygdøy in the summer is to take the boat leaving from Pier 3 behind the City Hall.  The #30 bus conveniently takes you to each attraction listed below and even back to the city center near the train station. The ferry ride is a pleasurable adventure in itself.

Fram Museum:  This is the first place to see when disembarking the ferry.  This museum honors Norway's history in polar exploration.  The highlight is the ship Fram, which reached both the north and south poles. 

Kon-Tiki Museum:  Thor Heyerdahl is one of the most famous explorers of all-time.  In 1947 he constructed the Kon-Tiki made of balsa wood and crossed the Pacific in order to prove that Polynesian people could have indeed migrated to South America. The Kon-Tiki is there, along with the Ra.  The Kon-Tiki museum is across the street from the Fram Museum.

The Viking Museum: Guess what you can see here?  You got it! The history of Vikings in Norway including ships and other artifacts from the Viking lifestyle.  It's just down the block from the Heritage Museum.  It's a short ride from either the Fram or Kon-Tiki museum by bus.

Heritage Museum:  Plan at least 2 to 4 hours to visit the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History also known as the heritage museum.  Here you can see an authentic Stave Church, other historical Norwegian buildings and experience folk art and culture. It's about a 5-7 minute ride on the bus from the Viking Museum.

There are many more things to see and do in Oslo.  Go up to the ski jump.  Visit the Royal Palace.  See where the Nobel Prize is awarded. Scream at "The Scream" by Edvard Munch.  Walk on top of the Opera House.  And of course, there is the wonderful Vigeland Sculpture Park. We'll cover those in another blog post.

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