5 Things The Professor Takes on EVERY International Trip

Take a Look Inside The Traveling Professor's Back Pack

Author: The Traveling Professor/Monday, April 1, 2019/Categories: Travel Tips

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What does The Traveling Professor take on every small group tour he leads?  Well, there is all the usual stuff.  But here is a list of things you may not have thought of that travels with him on each and every trip.

Good Travel Credit Card:  The right travel credit card provides free (yes, free) travel insurance, access to airport lounges, free baggage check (not that I ever check baggage anyway), preferred boarding, $300 travel credit, awards programs, Global Entry/TSA pre-check fee credit, concierge service, and more.  Each card offers varying benefits.  I find it worthwhile to pay the fees for two travel cards.  The Citi AAdvantage Executive Card and the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card are the ones you find in my wallet.

Cell Phone: I take my cell phone with me not to make calls, but primarily to take photos and video. I love this Apple iPhone X for the great photos it takes, especially in "portrait" mode. Everyone comments on how my photography skills have improved and I give all the praise to my cell phone camera.  By the way, to avoid those incredibly expensive phone bills while overseas, turn OFF roaming and cellular data.  Only make overseas calls with Skype, Viber, etc. 

Extras:  I take an extra pair of glasses.  An extra battery to charge my electronic devices.  Extra charging cables, extra electrical adapters because one is never enough. Extra meds in case my flights are delayed and I spend more time away than planned.  Extra plastic bags (they have many, many uses).  

Useful Stuff No One Else Tells You to Take:  Rubber bands have great uses.  A small pair of child's scissors comes in handy for cutting tags off bags and long threads from clothes. Binder clips are great as a cheap money clip that is very difficult to be pick-pocketed, keeping charging cords together, and for protecting packed razors.  See this YouTube video and this YouTube video for more binder clip travel hacks.

Copies of Passport:  I take an extra copy for every hotel I will be staying at.  Hotels generally require a passport to check in.  I hate handing over my original passport to a stranger.  So, I will simply hand them a passport copy and not worry about getting it back. 

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