How to Beat Jet Lag in 3 Easy Steps

3 Easy Tips from The Professor

Author: The Traveling Professor/Monday, April 15, 2019/Categories: Travel Tips

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The Traveling Professor has learned a few methods over the years for getting the ol' body clock in sync with local time.

Here are his tips to conquer jet lag:

Don't Struggle to Sleep on an Overnight Flight:  Most transcontinental flight are overnight in very uncomfortable planes.  For many people, the more they try to sleep, the more difficult it is.  Just relax, read a book, watch a movie and I'll bet you will doze off for at least a couple of hours.

Power Through Your First Day:   The key to defeating jet lag is to get on local time as quickly as possible.  That means if you have lunch at 1 pm regularly in at home in Pittsburgh, have lunch at 1 pm in Paris.  If you go to bed at 9:30 pm at home in Denver, go to bed at 930 pm in Dublin.  Do not go to sleep or take a nap upon arrival.

Re-Set Your Watch:  Upon arrival, put your watch on local time and don't check what time it is at home.

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