10 Things You NEED to Know About Your Passport

10 Tips About Passports Every Traveler Needs to Know

Author: The Traveling Professor/Tuesday, October 29, 2019/Categories: Travel Tips

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Here are The Professor's best passport tips:

  • Passports need to have an expiration date of at least 6 months after a trip is completed.
  • Passports need to have at least 2 blank pages. This is a little known, but widely enforced requirement of passport holders.
  • Don't carry a passport around with you.  The safest place for a passport is locked up in the hotel room. But, you should carry a passport photocopy at all times, with your name, contact information and hotel information written on the back of it.  Also include any medical conditions you might have. 
  • If a passport is lost or stolen, get a police report immediately.  You still have limited travel ability with a police report stating your passport was lost or stolen.
  • When going to the Embassy or Consulate to replace a lost or stolen passport, bring a photocopy of your lost/stolen passport.
  • Always keep passports in plastic "baggies" to protect them from the elements.
  • When showing a passport to security or passport control, take off your glasses. 
  • It doesn't take that long to renew a passport, but budget at least one month.  
  • Need a passport within 2 weeks?  Visit a passport office and use expediting services.  
  • Passports are sometimes not the only travel document needed to enter a country.  Going to China?  A visa is required.  A visa is also required in Vietnam, India and Bolivia.  For the full list, click HERE.

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