Easy Tips for Getting Through the Airport FAST

Fly Through the Airport Lines

Author: The Traveling Professor/Thursday, November 14, 2019/Categories: Travel Tips

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Here are some quick tips for getting through security and passport control quickly in the airport:

Get Global Entry and TSA:  Although the TSA lines are almost as long as the regular lines these days, they move faster because laptops or liquids don't need to be unloaded from luggage. Shoes and belts can usually stay on too.

Put Anything You Think That Could Be Flagged in a Plastic Bag in Your Personal Item:  This is the most important tip I can give.  International flights don't offer expedited TSA screening so the traveler is in the same boat as everyone else.  Things that can be flagged include liquids, any electronics, powders, phones, computers, anything metal or anything with a lot of wires.  In international airports (LHR is the worst) if they find one thing in a carry-on or personal item, they can make you empty out the WHOLE bag, inspect each item, and then let you repack it.  I put ANYTHING that might be subject to inspection in a baggy and remove it and put it in a separate tray.  So, if they flag anything, they only inspect what's in that small bag.  

Use a Smaller Airport:  Going through security is always better at a small airport as opposed to something like DFW, LGA, or JFK.

Passports:  They need to have 2 blank pages and an expiration date of at least 6 months after the conclusion of your trip.  When presenting your passport at security or passport control, remove your glasses.

My friends at "The Travelling Fool" have 33 tips to help you improve your airport experience.  See https://thetravellingfool.com/33-tips-to-improve-your-experience-at-the-airport/

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