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Who Goes on Our Traveling Professor Small Group Tours?

  • Our travelers are from all over the United States and Canada.  And no, you don't have to be a professor to go on any of our tours.
  • Active adult travelers who like to see and do a lot.  They are friendly, like-minded people who like to travel just like you do.  They are perfect for solo travelers or those with a travel companion. 
  • Most travelers range from their 40's to 70's with most travelers in their 60's.  Sorry, no college students or anyone under 25 years of age permitted on any of our tours. Traveling Professor tours are perfect for senior travelers and all adult travelers.
  • Tours are perfect for women traveling alone or with a friend/sister/daughter. 
  • Each tour is different, but almost half are solo travelers.  There are also couples, two friends sharing a room, sometimes mother/daughter or father/sons.  People come from all over North America and sometimes beyond.
  • Thinking of joining us?  We will tell you the precise make up (ages, gender, # of solo travelers) of those on our trip.  We want you to feel comfortable traveling with us. 
  • Many travelers are repeat travelers but new travelers are always welcome.  
Women traveling together on a Traveling Professor small group tourTours are perfect for women traveling alone or with a travel companionTours for women travelers in Europe