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women traveling together on Croatia tour

two women travelers in Italy

three travelers on a small group tour to Austria

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Who Goes on Our Small Group Tours?
  • Travelers from the United States and Canada.
  • Adults who want to see and do a lot.
  • Most travelers are in their 60's.  Some are older, some are younger.  Some travelers even enjoy bringing their adult children on our tours. 
  • There are always repeat and new travelers on our small group tours. 
  • There are always solo and accompanied travelers on our small group tours.
  • Many of our solo travelers are women.
  • Just ask - we will tell you how many couples, singles, etc. are on a trip.
What Makes a Good Small Group Tour?
  • Small Groups (usually 10-18 Active Adults)
  • Top Hotels
  • Ambitious Itineraries
  • Exciting Travel Itineraries
  • Expert Guides
  • "Free Time" is budgeted in on every trip.
  • Solo and Accompanied Travelers Welcome
  • VIP No Waiting in Line Admission to Attractions
  • Extraordinary Value
  • 60%-75% of Our Travelers are Return Travelers
  • Perfect tours for active seniors
  • Perfect for solo women travelers


Join Us on a Small Group Tour

Join our small group tours to exciting destinations like Ireland, Scotland, Peru and Machu Picchu, Norway, Iceland, Austria, Croatia, Canada, Portugal, and Italy.  Perfect for couples, solo travelers, or women traveling together.