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7 Travel Products You Need for Your Next Trip

7 Travel Products You Need for Your Next Trip

After over 2 million air miles and hundreds of trips to Europe, North America and South America, here are things you will always find The Traveling Professor taking on a trip:

eBags MotherLode Suitcase:  This is a favorite of our travelers on our small group tours.  It fits in the overhead compartment.  It packs a lot of stuff.  It is lightweight and durable.  It rolls.  It comes in great colors too.  Get this suitcase. 
Eddie Bauer 30L Adventurer Backpack:  I use this on every trip, domestic and international.  It packs a lot and is designed well.  Lots of good compartments to find and get your stuff easily.  I’ve had the current model for about 5 years and it has taken a beating but still holds up.  And if it doesn’t, Eddie Bauer honors a terrific free warranty.  Buy it. 

Mesh Day Pack:  Ultra light and easy to carry around during city tours, this is the pack to use.  It breezes right through the security scanner at museums. You need it.

Noise Cancelling Headphones:  Let's face it, those little earplugs they give you on the airplane are useless.  Get yourself a nice set of noise-cancelling headphones where you can actually hear the movie on the plane.  You need to buy these.

Skechers Shoes:  They are inexpensive, light and comfortable.  Great for city walking and perfect for your next trip.  Buy these shoes.

Apple AirTags:  This is a great idea and probably one of the best travel products to come out in years.  Attach one to your bags or personal times.  Have your travel partner carry one.  Just look on your phone and you always know where everything and everyone is.  A great new travel product.  Get this product.

Universal Electrical Adapter with USB Ports:  You can't leave home without one of these to keep all your devices charged up.  Buy it. 



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