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5 Things You Should Never See or Do in Europe

5 Things You Should Never See or Do in Europe

Here are 5 places you want to avoid on a trip to Europe: 

Harry Potter “Hogwart’s Express” Train, Scotland (also known as the Jacobite train):  It features a spectacular crossing over the dramatic Glenfinnan viaduct.  Yes, the scenery is spectacular but the train ride is more than disappointing.  First of all, because you are inside the ancient steam train, you can’t see the train.  Seats are not comfortable, it is quite bumpy and noisy, and not a particularly pleasurable trip. And do you think they will at least blow the whistle a couple of times for fun?  Maybe.  It will run about 69 pounds (about $94 USD) for the round trip with reserved seats.  Boarding is chaotic.  When you get to your reserved seats that you carefully selected to be window seats, you will more than likely find little kids sitting in your spot.  And who is going to be the ogre to kick the kids to get out of your seat?   What I would do that costs less and gives better views is to take the 8:30 local train (not the special Jacobite train) on the exact same line to Glenfinnan for a $10 fare.  Then, take all the wonderful photos you want of the Jacobite training crossing the viaduct.  Grab the 11:00 a.m. return train from Glenfinnan.  You will save money, be happier, and get better photos.

The Bastille, in Paris France:  The storming of the Bastille prison is one of the most famous and important events in French history.    The problem is when you go to see it, it is not there.  It was torn down years ago and only a monument and a few stones remain.

Blue Grotto, Capri, Italy:  It sounds so romantic, doesn’t it?  Getting to the Blue Grotto involves taking a boat out to the location near the Blue Grotto.  Then the wait begins for an opening to get on a really tiny boat in choppy seas, go into the grotto on your back no less, then go back, get off the tiny boat in choppy seas to the bigger boat.  It takes a couple of hours and close to $50 for a few minutes in the grotto.  As an alternative, take the Laser Capri Boat tour for about $20.  Included is an hour-long trip circling Capri and entrance into a grotto cave.  

Kissing the Blarney Stone, Ireland:  It is hard to believe that in this day and age, they still let people do this. This is another attraction that most likely involves waiting in a very long line.  First thing is to climb a circular stairway to the top of a castle.  Then, with two people holding you 90 feet over the side of the castle, you get to kiss a slimy rock that hundreds of other people before you have kissed.  Not for me.

Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland:  If watching people throw-up (or worse yet, getting thrown-up on) is on your bucket list, do the Temple Bar thing.  Temple Bar is actually an area in Dublin not a particular place.  It is filled with rowdy partiers, many of them who can’t hold their (expensive) liquor.   We have more fun at the oldest pub in Dublin, the Brazen Head. See:

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