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6 Inexpensive Holiday Gifts for The Traveler

6 Inexpensive Holiday Gifts for The Traveler

Looking for the perfect gift for the traveler?  Here are 6 choices for the best and inexpensive holiday gifts you can give to the traveler.

Ebags Mother Lode Luggage:  The Professor has been using this rolling suitcase, perfect for storing in the overhead bin for years now.  It is durable, comes in great colors, fits a whole lot of stuff, and the price is right.  A great gift for the traveler that they will use over and over again.

Tumi Voyager Travel Backpack:   The ladies will just love this stylish and smart small travel backpack. It is great for carrying around the daily essentials, and it is big enough to fit a tablet or small laptop.  An extremely practical and attractive gift.

Anker Power Core Ultra Compact Portable Charger:  At less than $25, everyone loves giving and getting this gift. It is incredibly slim and it provides power for all those devices carried on the road.  We gave this gift to a friend of ours and her face lit up.  Then she plugged her mobile phone into it, and that lit up too!

Tigari Passport Wallet and Vaccination Card Holder:  For only $10, this might be the best gift this year.  Not only does it hold a passport, it provides a secure and easy place for access to a traveler's vaccination card.  It comes in lots of attractive colors too.  Over 15 years The Professor received a passport holder from his daughter from Christmas and he still treasures it and uses it on every international trip he goes on.  This is a really terrific gift.

Amazon Fire HD Tablet:  The is another great gift for the traveler.  We see lots of travelers using their kindle to read books and access the internet while on the plane, train and bus.  At only $149, it is another inexpensive gift that will bring many happy returns. 

Digital Luggage Scale: Another super inexpensive gift that gets a lot of use on the road.  Not only do we use it to weigh luggage, it is great to weigh items when we need to ship them home.  At only $10.99 the traveler will love this gift. 



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