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What Travel Will Be Like in 2022

What Travel Will Be Like in 2022

Travel is back in 2022.  In general, it is going to be almost as easy to travel to Europe, Canada and South America as it always has been.  A few considerations need to be made in the age of COVID:

COVID Protocols:  Just think, no one ever uttered these words 2 years ago.  But let's go over what you will need to travel overseas in 2022.  First, all travelers are probably going to need to be vaccinated.  There are very few countries that will let the un-vaxxed in, and if they do, those travelers will probably need to quarantine upon arrival.  Prior to departing North America, travelers will most likely need to take a PCR test 72 hours before departure to prove they are COVID free.  They will also probably need to fill out a tracking form before arriving in their destination country.  Some travelers may be selected for random COVID testing upon arrival.  Travelers will most likey need to carry their government issued card (in the US, it is the CDC card) to prove vaccination status.  Masks may be required indoors.  To travel back to the U.S. a rapid antigen test, showing a negative result, is needed.  Although these protocols might seem a bit intimidating at first, The Traveling Professor recently ran a small group tour to Italy and things went smoothly with no glitches at all.

Travel Insurance:  COVID complicates things in two respects.  First, what happens if a day or two before departure, the traveler tests positive for COVID?  They certainly won't be allowed to travel.  And if cancelling a trip at this late date, it complicates the chances of getting a refund for the trip.  Secondly, what if the traveler is about to return home and their COVID test comes up postive just before departure?  In that case, the traveler will need to quarantine, at their expense, before they can test negative and return home.  It is easy and relatively inexpensive to protect oneself from these situations arising.  What the traveler wants to do here is get a travel insurance policy with a COVID ENDORSEMENT.  This type of policy offers protection against these two scenarios and gives travelers the confidence they need to get back out on the road.

Expense:  In 2022 and 2023 we are seeing a pent-up demand for travel.  Bookings are being made well in advance.  Travelers will need to make adjustments by booking earlier and expect to pay more for travel services.  The Professor thinks that this is a great opportunity to travel to those off-the-beaten-track destinations that are generally less expensive than major attractions.  That's good news!

Crowds:  The Traveling Professor's Small Group Tours are seeing unprecented bookings for 2022.  Lots of people will be out there traveling.  Consider going to a smaller city like Padua instead of Venice.  Perhaps you may want to do that trip that has been on your back-burner like The Normandy Invasion Beaches where big crowds are not usually encountered.





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