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What to See and Do in Vienna Austria

What to See and Do in Vienna Austria

Vienna is close to the top of the list in terms of favorite cities of The Traveling Professor.   Here are his Top Things to See and Do in Vienna:

Vienna is a great city for many reasons.  First of all, the attractions are top-notch.  The food is outstanding.  The city is easy to get around with its convenient tram system.  For music-lovers, there are few cities better than Vienna.  There is much history and culture.  If The Professor could only do 10 things in Vienna, this is what he would do:

A Visit to the Spanish Riding School:  This is the place to see the famous white Lipizzaner horses perform at the Hofburg, the former Imperial Palace.  The horses are amazing in all of their pomp and circumstance.

Belvedere Palace:  Surrounded by majestic gardens, TWO Baroque palaces are beautifully positioned on the outskirts of Vienna.  It is of course, the home of "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt.

Sigmund Freud Museum: Don't miss this more than interesting spot.  It is the workplace and home of 47 years to the great Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis.

Haus der Musik:  Where else but in Vienna would there be a great music museum, covering the history of great composers and great music halls.  It is very modern and interactive.  Visitors even get a chance to conduct a great symphony orchestra. 

Eat:  There are plenty of places to do this in Vienna.  The Professor's top spots are Cafe Heuer on Karlsplatz for something different or for something more traditional, try Salm Bräu for good beer, bratwurst, and schnitzel.  For us, these are the best places to eat in Vienna.

Kunsthistorisches Museum:  This is a beautiful house for beautiful art.  I would compare this museum, in terms of beauty, to any museum in Europe. The Kunsthistorisches Museum is one of the best museums to be found.  The works of Titian are featured but there are treasures from all over the world.

Walking Tour of Old Town:  The historic district is compact and easily walkable.  The Professor recommends starting at the Opera House (take the tour if available), then having a delightful (and famous) Sacher Tart across the street at the Hotel Sacher.  If art is your thing, try the Albertina MuseumDemel is the temple of Viennese confectionary art and an absolute must.  If you are into this type of thing, stop at the final resting place of the Hapsburg royalty, the Kaisergruft.  There is plenty of shopping along the way to Stephansplatz and of course the grand St. Stephen's Cathedral.

Those are the best places to visit in Vienna.  Of course there is more, much more.   In Vienna, we find the best place to stay is the Hotel Am Konzerthaus Vienna.  It is walkable to the historic area and the tram connections are excellent.  They feature a terrific daily breakfast and comfortable rooms. 



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