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Best Places to Eat in Rome Italy

Best Places to Eat in Rome Italy

Let's go to Rome!  Of course we will see all the great sites of this ancient city including the Vatican, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Colosseum, Forum, and much more.  But let's eat! Look at the 5 best places to eat in Rome as presented by The Traveling Professor and Andy Herbach, author of Eating and Drinking Italian.

Target Restaurant:  Yes, it is an unusual name for a restaurant in Rome.  But on our small group tours, we make sure to put a bulls-eye on this place as one of our places for an elegant dinner at attractive prices.  We have always been warmly welcomed here.  There is a lot of variety on the menu from simple pizzas, to traditional pasta dishes to seafood and meat dishes.  I will usually start with a Bucatini all'Amatriciana con Pecorino Romana followed by a  dish like Scaloppa di Salmone con Verdure al Vapore (salmon with green vegetables) or my favorite, Tagliata di Manzo al Rosmarino (sliced beef with rosemary).  The wine list is attractive with surprisingly good prices.  For instance, the Pinot Grigio Antonutti at 18 euro is a steal.  The Cabernet Sauvignon Antonutti from Friuli also at 18 euro is perfect. 

Da Pancrazio:  We love this place adjacent to Campo di Fiori.   Dine in the relaxed and reserved setting upstairs on traditional Roman dishes.  However, Da Pancrazio is actually built upon the ancient ruins of the theater of Pompeii.  Diners can sit down below in the midst of original scultpures, frescoes, urns and other relics. It is truly a unique Roman experience.  It's the ambience here that is the big attraction but the food is terrific too. 

Mercato Centrale Rome:  Following the trend of dining halls that can be found in Lisbon, Florence, and even in Norway, the Mercato Centrale is the best place to go for a sampling of the best artisan foods, both traditional and new, to be found in Rome.  Start by buying food from the artisan vendors.  There is pizza, seafood, mozarell and cheeses, fresh fish and meats.  There are even delicious burgers and sushi.  Pick up drinks like craft-brewed Italian beer from the "beer house" or just about any wine you can think of sold by the glass or bottle.  Of course there is Italian coffee, gelato, pastries, and ice cream to finish it all off.

Here are two selections from my friend, Andy Herbach.   He writes a series of "Eating and Drinking" books.  Andy has great tips not on only what restaurants to go to, but how to order the best dishes.  Don't go to Rome without picking up a copy of Eating and Drinking Italian or Eating and Drinking in Rome.   Here are 2 picks for the best places to eat in Rome:

Il Bacarro:  This is the pick for your romantic dinner in Rome.  Tucked away and with an entrance surrounded in ivy, what better way to start off than with a complimentary glass of prosecco and small appetizer?  The risotto should be on the top of your list or better yet, how about the swordfish with shrimp?  Otherwise, the tuna with sun-dried tomatoes and balsamic vinegar is a great choice.  

Enoteca Cavour 313:   Informal, inexpensive and ideally located near the Colosseum, it's the perfect pick for lunch or a light dinner.  An "enoteca" is a wine bar, but Andy raves about the leek and pistachio crusted pork tenderloin.  There are plenty of cheeses and meats served up here too. You will like evertyhing about this place. Try it.

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