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What I'm Packing on a 47-Day Trip to Europe

What I'm Packing on a 47-Day Trip to Europe

What to pack on a trip to Europe is a common question.  Whenever The Professor travels, whether it be for 5 days or 50 days, everything will go into a carry-on and a personal item that fits under the seat or in the overhead bin.

For this 47-day excursion, I use an REI carry-on duffel which unfortunately, is not available any longer.   But I strongly recommend the eBags 21-inch luggage carry-on.   I also use an Eddie Bauer 30L backpack as a personal item to go under the seat or in the overhead.

The 47-day itinerary is as follows:

This goes in my wheeled carry on:

This goes in my carry-on backpack personal item (Eddie Bauer 30L backpack)

The Professor wears this on the plane:

  • Shoes, socks, underwear, shirt, pants
  • Cap
  • Down jacket

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COMING SOON!  What a woman packs on a 47-day trip to Europe.



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