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What I am Packing on a 47-Day Trip to Europe FOR LADIES ONLY

What I am Packing on a 47-Day Trip to Europe FOR LADIES ONLY

This is Linda, reporting to you while on my way to Paris, France where I am leading a series of  Traveling Professor small group tours.  We are visiting Paris and the Normandy Invasion Beaches, Dublin and Ireland's Willd Atlantic Coast, and  Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands.   We are also visiting Norway on a personal trip.  We plan to return home in June after 47 days on the road.  I am happy to share my packing list for ladies for a long trip to Europe.

On this trip, like all my trips, I will not check luggage.    My suitcase is the eBags MotherLode Carry-On Rolling Duffel.  I have used the same, durable bag for about 7 years.   The quality is excellent, it packs more than you think it can, and it is versatile.  It says something about a suitcase when I have taken it on over 100 trips in the last 7 years.   My additional personal item that fits under the seat (and sometimes in the overhead) is so old that they don't make it anymore.  But if I had to buy one, I would purchase the Eddie Bauer 30 L backpack.  It is attractive, well-designed, rugged, and have a great warranty.   I also take a small purse like this one with me.  

Before we even get into what I actually pack for such a long trip to Europe, let's review a few things about packing:

  • Don’t start packing on the day of departure.  Start laying out items a few days ahead of time so you can decide what is important/not important.
  • My most important tip:  You are not leaving the planet.  Purchasing anything needed or forgotten, i.e. clothing, toiletries, etc. isn’t a problem.  I only do carry on, which means one overhead bag and one under the seat.  
  • I pack about 5-7 days worth of clothes. Some clothes I wear more than once before laundering.  On the road,  I either use the laundry service of the hotel or find a place that will launder my things.  There is nothing like fresh clothes while traveling.   There is no way I can pack 47 days worth of clothes nor do I want to carry around dirty clothes all over Europe.

Here is my packing list for ladies only:

These Items Go in My eBags MotherLode Carry-On Rolling Duffel:

  • 5 pairs of pants:  I like these Eddie Bauer pants.  They are light.  They don't wrinkle.  They dry fast.  They look good. 
  • 5 lightweight longsleeve t-shirts or mock turtleneck shirts
  • 5 medium-weight longsleeve pullovers in different colors (black, blue, 2 shades of grey, green plaid.
  • 1 heavier pullover, almost sweathshirt/sweater weight.
  • 3 compression tights for under pants.  I like wearing these under my Eddie Bauer pants especially during long flights.  They are also good for the longer train rides we take on our trips).
  • 8-10 pairs of underwear
  • 5 bras.
  • 8-10 pairs of socks.
  • Sleeping clothes: XLT long sleeve t-shirt from Old Navy.
  • 1 comfortable pair of shoes.  These skechers are good for city walking and some light hiking we will do in Normandy and Norway. Of course I will wear another pair on the plane.
  • Lightweight gloves.
  • Small umbrella.  I buy an inexpensive one at the "Dollar Store" and discard it before returning home. 
  • Raincoat.  We're going to be in Ireland, Scotland, Normandy, and Norway.  Of course we need a raincoat!
  • Colorful scarf.  It's the best fashion accessory to bring on a trip.
  • Walking stick.  I like a lightweight packable walking stick like this one.  Make sure it can fit into your bag.
  • Cap.

These Items Go in My Personal Carry-On that Fits Under the Plane Seat or in the Overhead Bin:

What I Wear on the Plane

  • Comfortable Shoes.  Again, I like skechers.
  • Of course I have pants, top, underwear, socks.
  • Jacket.  Even though we are traveling from Dallas, I will wear my heavier coat, suitable for temps in the 40's through 50's, because it would otherwise take up lots of space in my suitcase. 
  • Scarf

Packing light is the way to go.  We travel to exciting destinations and we are on/off trains, ferries, planes, and busses,  We travel with wonderful groups of women (many are solo travelers or have a travel partner) who like to see and do a lot of varied things.  We have a wonderful time when we are not lugging tons and tons of luggage all over the place, but let's face it - we like to be comfortable and look good too.

Join me, Linda, on one of our Traveling Professor small group tours.  Here is our tour calendar for 2022 and 2023.  We do wonderful small group tours, usually with about 8-16 travelers to exciting destinations.  Solo and accompanied travelers are always on our trips and everyone is welcome.



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