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Three Favorite Restaurants in Paris

Three Favorite Restaurants in Paris

With COVID just about over and done with, The Traveling Professor ran a small group tour to Paris and the Normandy Invasion Beaches in April.  Paris is 98% "back to normal" and almost just like it was in pre-COVID days.  The Professor had the opportunity to visit some new restaurants and old favorites.  Here are 3 great places to eat in Paris.

Chartier:  If you have been following The Professor for a while, you know one of his favorites in Paris has always been Bouillon Chartier.  But on the last trip the big surprise is that Chartier has opened two more locations!  There is the original location at Grands Boulevards.   Another location is at Gare de L'est.   We went to the other location in Montparnasse.   Upon arrival it was a joy to see that Bouillon Chartier has remained loyal to its reputation as a beautifully decorated grand brasserie from the turn of the century.  It is truly a "L’unique & Authentique Bouillon Parisien".  That means authentique Parisian dishes like escargot, pavé de rumsteack sauce poivre avec frites fraîches (steak with peppercorn sauce and fries - you can get it without the peppercorn sauce), poulet fermier roti (roasted chicken), and choucroute alsacienne (this was my choice, sauerkraut with pork and sausage).  All the food is good, served quicly and expertly.   And the price is right.  That's why you need to get to Chartier a bit on the early side to avoid the long lines to get in.   Was it mentioned that the wine is inexpensive and good too?  

Le Prince Racine:  This is a neighborhood spot visited on each and every trip The Professor takes to Paris.  It is located on the corner of rue Monsieur le Prince and rue Racien near the Odeon theater in the 6th arrondissement.  There is a wide variety of dining options from the delicious and juicy cheese burger to the brochettes of curry chicken and curry with a coconunt sauce.  The Thai beef salad is always a hit, as well as the beef filet in a Sichuan sauce.  All of these might sound a bit exotic but really, there is something for everyone and everything is under 20 euro.   

Les Éditeurs:  This is the place to go to eat and people-watch like a real Parisian.  At a busy intersection of at least 4 streets near Odeon in St-Germain des Prés, there is plenty to keep the diner interested while sipping a pre-dinner cocktail like a Kir Royale, Martini, or the famed French 75 (gin, champagne, lemon juice and sugar). There are floor-to-ceiling windows and stacked bookshelves that makes the diner think Hemingway may walk in the door any minute.  The efficient and tourist-friendly wait staff servies up what might be the best onion soup in Paris.  Don't overlook the beef carpaccio, croque madam or steak frites.  They have some nice salads like the vegan bowl.  Save room for coffe and chocolate cake at the end.  There is probaly not a more exciting place to have dinner or a late snack in Paris.

Need more dinner recommendations in Paris.  Try my friend Andy Herbach's book, Eating and Drinking in Paris.  A new edition just came out with over 100 fabulous places to eat and drink.  The Professor highly recommends this book.



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