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Holiday Gifts for the Traveler

Holiday Gifts for the Traveler

Looking for that perfect gift for your favorite traveler?  Here are a dozen great holiday gifts to get started with from The Traveling Professor:

Passport Holder:  The Professor received a passport holder as a Christmas gift years ago and still treasures it to this day.  This is one of the most thoughtful and best holiday travel gifts you can give. It comes with him on every trip he takes.  It can be an inexpensive gift or as much as you want can be spent on this truly useful and memorable holiday gift for the traveler. There are many different types of passport holders, ranging from inexpensive to expensive.  In any case, they make the perfect holiday gift.  Here is a great upgraded passport holder that can be personalized. 

Luggage:  The Professor has a few recommendations for luggage.  The OGIO family of travel products has served The Traveling Professor well.  He has been using the OGIO Layover Travel Bag and the OGIO Renegade Backpack as the perfect carry-on combination on all of his trips in 2022.  Then there is the old reliable eBag MotherLode Carry On that Linda has been using for about the past 10 years.  It keeps rolling and rolling and rolling. 

Apple AirTags:  Never lose track of luggage, keys, wallet or even the person you are traveling with.  Apple AirTags are inexpensive and a great gift for anyone.  

Walking Sticks:  This collapsible model fits into luggage.  They are sturdy enough for Machu Picchu or just walking around the streets of Rome.  Another gift that will be used on the road. 

Luggage Tags:  Inexpensive, thoughtful and useful.  These are the best luggage tags in the business and the traveler in your life would love to have them.

Men's Shoes:  The Professor picked up a pair of Merrell Moab Speed shoes in Dublin and hasn't taken them off since.   From all around Ireland to Scotland to Iceland to Croatia and Peru, these shoes are lightweight, they grip tight, are comfortable and sturdy. 

Women's Casual Shoes:  Linda swears by her Skecher's Hoka model women's shoes.   Linda does not do much rugged hiking and is more of a city person, so she loves these shoes that she says have great arch support and are super-comfortable.  

Travel Pants:  How about travel pants that are light-weight, don't wrinkle, dry quickly, and look good?   The Professor loves the Eddie Bauer Guide Pro Pants for all those reasons.  They also come in lined versions for those trips to Iceland and Canada.  Are they available for women too?  Linda owns about 5 pair of these Eddie Bauer travel pants for women.  

Travel Back Pack:  This is reliably a great holiday travel gift.  It has lots of uses, and not only for the traveler. It is the perfect size for sliding under the airline seat or putting in the overhead compartment.  We love giving the Eddie Bauer Stowaway backpack as a gift. 

Travel Hand Bag for Women:  There are lots of reasons why Linda has the Nupouch AntiTheft Day Pack.   It is easy to carry around.  Potential thieves don't even try to lift money or passports from this bag.  It has a USB charging connector.  It's water-repellent and expertly designed with pockets in all the right places. 

Travel Wallet:  These travel wallets are compact, durable, and have the capability to place an Apple AirTag on it so they are nearly impossible to lose.  A great holiday travel gift. 

Amazon Kindle:  The old standby.  Everyone can use an Amazon Kindle on a trip. 





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