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Best Lunch Spots in Florence Italy

Best Lunch Spots in Florence Italy

Everyone loves to visit Florence, Italy.  Of course there are wonderful attractions like David, the Duomo, Medici Palance and much more.  But we really love to go to eat.  Here are some of The Traveling Professor's best places to have lunch in Florence.

Best Sandwich: Some will say the best sandwiches to be found are in Florence and the best sandwich in Florence can be found at Pino's Sandwiches near Santa Croce.  Vegetarians will love the Caprese sandwich but give me the 4 Stagione anytime with baked ham, mozzarella, truffle sauce, fresh tomatoes, hot sauce, and artichokes.  There is a lot more including meatball, chicken and cold cut sandwiches and some pastas too. 

Best Sit-Down Lunch:  Cross over the Ponte Vecchio into Oltrano and visit Trattoria Bordino.   It's been there for years and they are friendly to locals and visitors alike.  If you are in the mood for an appetizer, the burrata with ham and lemon is going to be your pick.  The risotto with a glass of house wine is an excellent pick for your main dish.   However, this restaurant shines with the desserts.  I know you are thinking about tiramisu, aren't you?

Best "Authentic" Lunch:  Hidden in plain sight, 2 blocks from the Duomo, is the rustic Fiaschetteria Nuvoli.  It's nothing fancy, but when you report back home on where you ate in Florence, you are going to recommend this to all of your friends.  Go downstairs, find a bench to sit on, and wait to be treated to inexpensive but delicious foods and outstanding house wines.  The Professor loves the polpetta (baked meatballs with potatos and ricotta) but others love the simple pasta dishes like pappardelle bolognese or even the wild boar pappardelle.  Of course there is ravioli, eggplant, wonderful appetizers and desserts.  No website but see their FB page:

Best of Everything:  In the Mercato Centrale, there is something for everyone.  Pizza, pastas, steak, seafood, burgers and some of the best desserts (are you thinking about gelato?).  It's your go-to place





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