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What is the Best European Travel Bargain Right Now?

What is the Best European Travel Bargain Right Now?

The best travel bargain in Europe right now is Norway.   The Professor can hear it now - "what did he say - I thought Norway was one of the most expensive places in the world to go to".   Norway might have been expensive 10 years ago when travelers were getting about 6 Norwegian Kroner to the US dollar, but now the rate is more like 10.6 Kroner to the USD. 

In this blog post, The Professor will tell you why Norway is not only is it one of the most relatively inexpensive places to go, it is a great value.

Cheap, Cheap Airfares:  From North America, Norway is one of the most inexpensive places to travel to thanks to budget airline Norse Atlantic Airways.   In the summer high season, it is possible to fly non-stop between New York's JFK and Oslo (OSL) with a sample departure date of July 5 returning July 13 for a bargain $727 coach and $1195 premium economy.   To compare, the least expensive coach fare between JFK and Paris CDG is $1433 on the same dates.  So in that respect, it is relatively inexpensive to get to Norway.

Reasonable and Good Hotels:  In Oslo for instance, stay at the beautifully appointed Thon Opera Hotel, right in the center of it all.  With a lavish breakfast, a room costs about $200 per night.  An even better price can be found if you join their Member Program.  What a deal!

Train Travel is Inexpensive:  Norwegian trains are on time, comfortable, and fast.  A typical (and scenic) trip between Oslo and Bergen for instance ranges from the equivalent of about $45 to $90.  That's a great deal.  If traveling by ferry, a 5-hour trip between Bergen and Flam for instance, is about $146 with seniors getting a rate of about $90.  That's not a great deal, but it is pretty good.

Admission to Attractions:  In other blog posts, you will hear The Professor sing the praises of buy city museum cards.  They usually give VIP, no-waiting-in-line admission to the best attractions in each city.  Not only does the Oslo Card give all of that, it provides unlimited public transportation throughout Oslo for about $70 for a 48-hour card.  Seniors only pay about $55.   Another great bargain.

Let's face it, some things in Norway are expensive.  For instance, alcoholic beverages are not cheap.   Meals can be on the expensive side.  But with the savings on airfare, hotels, admissions, and transportation there is some wiggle room to splurge on dinner.

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