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Great Inexpensive and Practical Travel Products

Great Inexpensive and Practical Travel Products

Here are 6 inexpensive and handy travel items each traveler should have on their next trip. 

Apple AirTags:  Just put one of these in your wallet, luggage, backpack and you will always know where everything is.   AirTags are quarter-sized tracking devices.  On an iPhone, you can see excactly where these devices are.  Lost and mishandled luggage has increased over the past year, so having an Apple AirTag is a smart move.  

Travel Size CarbonMonoxide Detector:  I'm not a paranoid traveler, but we know that safety standards are not the same in some places in Europe, South America, or even on a cruise ship.  My greatest fear is an inadequately ventilated sleeping space that could lead to a deadly carbon monoxide incident.   It is inexpensive to protect yourself with this carbon monoxide detector. 

Microfiber Cloth:  These come in more handy than you think they will.  They are terrific for wiping down eyeglasses and cameras in damp or wet weather.   Also, many European hotels do not provide wash cloths.  These make a good substitute.

Portable Charger:  The Professor just purchased the Anker portable charger.  It's the best one for keeping all your devices juiced up while on the road. 

The Best Travel Adapter:  After doing much research, The Professor finds the EPICKA Travel Adapter to be the best travel product for this task. 

Shift Cam Snap Grip:  The Professor saw this product used on a recent trip and had to run out to get one.  It will significantly improve the quality of photos taken and keep your phone charged.  One of the reasons we all travel is to get great photos.  This inexpensive device will help you hold your camera steady and get those angles that make for a great photo.



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