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What is ETIAS and What You Need to Know About It

What is ETIAS and What You Need to Know About It

Many travelers on Traveling Professor small group tours to Europe have been traveling for years with just a passport.  That may change in 2024 with the introduction of the ETIAS travel authorization program.   Let's answer the most essential questions about ETIAS?

Do Americans and Canadians Need to Get ETIAS:  Most likely, for 2nd half of 2024 travel to specific European countries,  ETIAS will be required.  Interestingly enough, travelers to Ireland and Great Britain won't need ETIAS.

How to Get ETIAS Travel Authorization:  No applications are being accepted yet.  However, an on-line application process is expected with approvals within 24 hours to 5 days. Applicants will need a valid passport to apply.  They may also be asked questions regarding education level and occupation, details about travel plans, details about previous criminal convictions, and travel history.

What is the Cost of the ETIAS Travel Authorization:  Right now, the price is set at 7 euro.  However, those 70 and older or under 18 are exempt from the fee.

Who Runs the ETIAS Program:  It is run by countries in the European Union.  Not the United States or Canada. 

How Long is the ETIAS Authorization Good For:  It is valid for 3 years.   It permits travel for up to 90 days within  a 180-day period while in ETIAS required countries. 

Do Travelers Need to Present ETIAS Documentation and Passports When Traveling to ETIAS Countries:  Yes.

How Much of a Pain is this Really Going to Be?:  Well, it does add another level of bureaucracy to the travel process.  Officials have promised to make the application process fast, clean, and simple.  No comment on that from The Professor. 

For more information, see ETIAS for American Citizens website.



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