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What's Going On With Travel in 2024?

What's Going On With Travel in 2024?

Two factors are influencing the change in travel in 2024.  The first one is that 2024 will probably be the busiest year in travel ever.  Secondly, COVID restrictions are over and that is influencing change.   

It's Getting More Crowded:  Travelers are going to need to plan and book earlier in order to get the best arrangements.  The Professor recommends booking lodging at least 9 months in advance.  Many hotels are sold out already during peak 2024 periods.  Another result of crowding is that many attractions like the Colosseum in Rome, the Munch Museum in Oslo, the Book of Kells in Ireland, and the Louvre in Paris are requiring visitors to have reservations made in advance.  Don't even try to go to Machu Picchu without a reservation to the citadel.  For much of the year, gone are the days of spontaneous travel.  Planning in advance is a must.

It's Getting Tougher for Single Travelers:  The Traveling Professor has found that hotels and ships are either eliminating or restricting single occupancy rooms/cabins.  Some of them are charging 100% or more over the cost of a double occupancy room for a single traveler.  Why?  Take for example a cruise ship with 1,000 cabins.  If they were to fill each cabin with one traveler, there are 1,000 travelers to buy excursions, drinks, souvenirs, and all other kinds of stuff people buy on cruises.  But if each room has 2 people in it, that means 2,000 people will buy all the stuff that can be bought on a cruise.  A similar concept applies to hotel rooms too. 

Airfares are Coming Down:  Yes, you heard me correctly.  For those who purchase airfares smartly, good deals are to be had.  Icelandair just dumped a whole bunch of savings into my email inbox this morning. 

Travel Award Programs are Changing:  It used to be if you were in an airline rewards program and you flew 1,000 miles, you got 1,000 points.  Not anymore.  Airlines are relying on customer credit card usage more and more to get points and qualify for elite status. 

Hotels are Getting Expensive:  In areas like Croatia and Paris, we have seen hotel prices go through the roof with some increasing prices 30%-40%.  Battle this by booking off-season or in secondary cities like Padua instead of Venice.

It is More Difficult to Cancel Plans:  Hotels, cruise ships, and other travel services are making it more difficult to get refunds on cancelled trips.  Know the refund policies of each booking made and it is a good idea to search for good travel insurance. 




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