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Things I NEVER Pack for a Trip

Things I NEVER Pack for a Trip

Hi!  This is Linda substituting for Steve today on The Traveling Professor's travel blog.   With hundreds of international and domestic trips over the past few years, probably the most valuable thing I have learned about packing is what not to bring along.

Before deciding what to pack (or not to pack), take a good look at the type of trip you are taking.   Will you be in multiple hotels, on/off busses or trains or boats or ferries?  Is this an adventure trip, or a casual trip.  Are you going anywhere that "fancy" clothes are needed?  The type of trip you are on will affect what get packed, but in general, I have listed things that I never bring on a trip.  

Here is a list of things I never pack on an international trip:

Hair Dryer:  Hair dryers are bulky and take up valuable space in a suitcase.  These days almost ALL hotels and lodges have hair dryers.  Don't pack one.  Don't bring a curling iron either.

Jeans:  Denim is heavy and bulky.  If jeans get wet, they take a long time to dry.   For the past few years I have been wearing these Eddie Bauer Rainier pants.   They are lightweight, dry quickly, and they look good even after 2 or 3 weeks on the road.  A much better choice than wearing jeans.  They have excellent pockets too.   A pair of Eddie Bauer Rainier pants weighs 10.58 ounces where a pair of Lee jeans weighs 1.26 pounds (or 20.16 ounces).

Flashy Jewelry:  Look at it this way, once you lose jewelry (or have it stolen) overseas, there is no way to get it back. 

Too Many Shoes:  I can write a whole other blog post on this.  Nothing takes up space in a suitcase more than shoes do.  The best scenario is to take only the shoes on your feet and maybe ONE extra pair at most.  And, I NEVER take heels.

A Checked Bag:  If you check a bag on a flight, you are just looking for trouble.  From my experience in traveling with our small groups, it seems that about 10% of those people who check bags either never have them delivered or they are delayed in having them delivered.  It sounds like a risk a traveler might want to take, but when your number is up and your bag does not get to its destination - there is a good chance your trip will be ruined.  Looking for a good carry-on suitcase?  Try the eBags Mother Lode line of luggage. 

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