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5 Travel Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

5 Travel Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

Not Buying Airfare Directly from the Airline:   If all goes well on a flight, there is no issue with buying airfare from a third-party provider like Expedia, Orbitz, or Travelocity.   The problem is, when there is a problem.  If the traveler needs to make a change or get a refund, or if a flight is cancelled or delayed, or if the traveler has a complaint about service, the airline may refer that traveler back to the source where they purchased the ticket.  That adds another layer of bureaucracy (and time) in getting issues resolved.  Tickets purchased from a third-party provider may void a traveler’s ability to get upgrades, preferred seats or boarding, or other amenities that they otherwise would have received if they had purchased directly from the airline.  Just make it easy on yourself by buying directly from the airline. 


Checking Luggage:  Again, if all goes well, all goes well.  But imagine arriving in Greece for instance, getting ready to depart for a cruise, but your luggage does not arrive with you.   The airline might promise that the bags will arrive in 2 or 3 days but by that time, you are island-hopping all over the Adriatic Sea with bags trying to catch up with you.  That can spell disaster for your vacation.   Always pack light and carry-on luggage.  You can do it!  See:


Not Having at Least Minimal Health and Emergency Evacuation Insurance:    Your health insurance policy probably does not cover medical expenses incurred overseas and if it does, it is for out-of-network coverage.   Medicare does not cover any overseas medical expenses.   But what if you get sick or suffer an accident that requires you to be medically transported back home?   The cost can easily exceed $100,000 and it is NOT covered by your domestic insurance policy.   This is where a basic health and emergency evacuation policy comes in.   An annual policy can probably be purchased for under $200 that will provide $100,000 in medical coverage and the money needed to get you home for medical treatment.


Not Being Flexible:  Stuff happens during travel.  Flights get cancelled/delayed.   There can be strikes.  Weather can affect plans.  Unexpected closures of museums or attractions can happen.  Be willing to take advantage of unexpected events.  For instance, we were in Edinburgh when Queen Elizabeth II passed away several years ago.   We had several activities cancelled due to her death.  However, we felt fortunate to be able to witness such a historic event while the Queen lay in rest in Scotland. 


Relying on Airlines to Take Care of You:  You have heard of all the recent stories of airline delays and cancellations.   We have experienced our share of them.   When your travel plans get interrupted, don’t wait for airline customer service to take care of you with lodging or meals.  Be proactive and book yourself a hotel room immediately and find a place to eat.  Be active in finding alternative transportation if necessary.   A travel insurance policy will help cover some of these costs. 



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