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9 Essentials to be Packed on Every Trip

9 Essentials to be Packed on Every Trip

Essential Items for Every Trip

Usually, The Traveling Professor takes 12-18 overseas trips per year.  Here is a list of some of the essentials he takes on every trip.

eBags MotherLode Suitcase:  We have it and lots of our travelers have it too.  Lightweight, expandable, smartly designed. It fits in the overhead compartment of nearly every plane.  We've tested a lot of suitcases and we like this one the best. 

Eddie Bauer 30L Adventurer Backpack:  In addition to my suitcase, I always bring this backpack onto the plane and either put it under my seat or in the overhead bin.   Lightweight and durable and built for convenience, this pack has gone all over the place with me. I very much like Eddie Bauer's guarantee on this back pack.  They provide a lifetime guarantee and will replace the back pack if there are any issues with it.  I can verify that Eddie Bauer will stand behind their products.

Mesh Day Pack:  Ultra light and easy to carry around during city tours, this is the pack to use.  It breezes right through the security scanner at museums.
Noise Cancelling Headphones:  Let's face it, those little earplugs they give you on the airplane are useless.  Get yourself a nice set of noise-cancelling headphones where you can actually hear the movie on the plane.

Skechers Shoes:  They are inexpensive, light and comfortable.  Great for city walking.

Merrell Shoes:  When not walking in the city I like my Merrell shoes for walking on muddy, rocky, and grassy surfaces.  I have used them in Peru, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland and on our small group tours to the Normandy Invasion Beaches.  By the way, on every small group tour I take two pairs of shoes, my Merrells and my Skechers. 

Child Safety Scissor:  You will never know how many uses this has on a trip until you have one. It breezes right through security scanners with no problem.  I use it to open plastic bags and cut off baggage tags.  Use them for light personal grooming, cutting tape, trimming hanging threads from clothes.  They really come in handy.

Universal Electrical Adapter with USB Ports:  You can't leave home without one of these to keep all your devices charged up.  Make sure it will fit into the electrical outlet of the country you are traveling to.

Plastic Freezer Storage Bags (Gallon Size):  Terrific for organizing stuff and keeping it clean and dry.  Electronics in one bag, passports and documents in another, currency in a separate bag, meds in another, etc.  Stop rummaging around luggage to find stuff.



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