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Where to Eat Pizza in Europe

Where to Eat Pizza in Europe

The Traveling Professor small group tours go all over Europe.  Sometimes a good pizza in is in order.  Through his travels, The Professor has found some top spots for pizza and in this blog post he shares these European pizza spots with you.  There are lots of good pizza options here from take-away to sit down spots. 

We start with the heavy hitters in Italy and then move on to some other top spots in other Traveling Professor small group tour cities.

RomeIl Forno Campo de Fiori.  Let's start with the best pizza.  On every Traveling Professor small group tour to Rome, this is a stop.  Take-away only, walk in, point to what looks good, they wrap it, weigh it, and you pay.  I could probably eat 10 rectangular slices per day.  My favorite is the vegetarian zucchini flower pizza.  

Venice: Antico Forno.  If you have to eat pizza in the historic area of Venice, this is the place to do it.  Near the Rialto Bridge, the sourdough pizza is an excellent choice for a take-away option.  However, the best pizza in Venice is on the mainland at Pizzeria Grigoris

Florence: Ciro and Sons.  In the Santa Maria Novella area of Florence there are more than a handful of good places for pizza to be found.  At Ciro and Sons, expect a bit of sophisticated atmosphere.  Nothing too complicated and there are options for non-pizza eaters too.

CapriAurora Ristorante.  Capri is a lovely place to visit but even lovelier when visiting this pizzeria.  The simple Margherita may be the best one you have ever had.  Try it. 

ParisChez O’scià Pizzeria Napoletana.  In the 2nd Arrondissement, try this Neopolitan style pizzeria.  Me?  I like the broccoli raab with sausage.  What else?

OsloBaltazar.  Easy to find for those touring Oslo, it is Italian pizza with a Nordic twist. Also serves other plentiful Italian style dishes.

Copenhagen: La Fiorita.  Solid "Made by Italians" and devoured by the locals.

MunichH'ugo's Pizza Bar.  Great location for those touring Munich.  Good atmosphere, good pizza and of course, good beer. Lobster pizza in Munich?  You got it!

ViennaRiva.  Never underestimate the Austrian ability to make a good Neopolitan pie. A good place to sit down, have some pizza and beer.  A little bit outside the tourist area, but easy to get to on the #1 tram.

Dublin:  DiFontaine's.  New York style pizza that goes perfectly in the Temple Bar area.  20 inch pies.  Sit down or take out. 

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