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6 Menus from Favorite Restaurants in Europe

6 Menus from Favorite Restaurants in Europe

Below is a list followed by a short description of The Traveling Professor's favorite places to eat in Europe, with a couple of choices in South America too.

La Tagliata in Positano:  Probably the best lunch to be found in all of Italy.  Mama is in the kitchen cooking farm to table specialties, served family style.  Here is the menu of specialties including ravioli, cheeses, and home-made salamis:

Osteria dei Fabbri in Padua: Friendly, inexpensive and good.  The lentil soup is outstanding as well as the rabbit and bucatini pasta:

Chartier in Paris:  Go here for the fun and frivolity of the atmosphere of an authentic Paris bouillon.  No one will ever say it is the best food in Paris but I have to say, it is the place to go for steak frites, escargot, and even beef bourguignon.  Don't pass up the Baba a Rhum for dessert:

Howie's in Edinburgh:  Very good food, great service, nice atmosphere.  What else do you want?  I love the hearty Scotch Beef Casserole and Char Grilled Herby Chicken:

St. Peter's Stifstkeller in Salzburg:  Probably the best place for a holiday dinner of all the places we go on our small group tours. It is always beautifully decorated for the holidays and belive it or not, an oompah band plays in the evening.  Of course the Wiener Schnitzel is terrific but don't forget the apple strudel for dessert:

Friðheimar in Iceland:  The place for lunch while taking a tour of the Golden Circle. Tomatoes are hydroponically grown in the greenhouse and the menu is essentially, a delicious bread and tomato soup - the best you ever had.  Don't miss it:

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