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10 Best Holiday Gifts for Travelers

10 Best Holiday Gifts for Travelers

Here are the best travel holiday gift ideas from The Traveling Professor:

Luggage and Travel Backpacks:  Always a great option for a travel gift and we like eBags products the best.  We have an eBags Motherlode bag that we have taken on over one hundred trips and it still holds up great. 

Passport Holder:  You have heard The Professor say it before, and he will say it again.  This is a terrific travel gift that will be used for years to come.  There are lots of different varieties of passport holders at many different price ranges.  But check out this passport holder

The Best Gift for Him:  One of the best travel gifts you can give for the man in the household, whether he travels or not, is a framed historical map from Battle Archives.  Let me tell you, he will talk about and cherish a framed map of the D-Day Invasion, Gettysburg, Iwo Jima Assault Plan, or even an Afghanistan battle maps.  There are also amazing reproductions of historical documents like The Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights.  This is the PERFECT gift for your guy. See Battle Archives

Travel Journal:  This makes for a great personal gift for the traveler.  Think about it, every time they use it they will think about what a great travel gift you purchased for them. We like this travel journal

A Traveling Professor Tour:  Surprise someone with a gift of travel from The Traveling Professor.  Mention this blog post and we will give you a $50 credit.  If you choose our "Paris and the Normandy Invasion Beaches" small group tour and sign up in the month of November 2020, we will let you bring your favorite veteran at 50% off. 

Compact and Lightweight Trekking Poles:  Whether you are on a Traveling Professor small group tour to Peru or Iceland, or walking around a city like Paris or Rome, trekking poles come in very handy.  We like these lightweight collapsible trekking poles.

Pet Carrier:  More and more people are traveling with their pets these days.  Have Santa bring them this recommended pet carrier. 

Travel Golf Bag:  The Traveling Professor just returned from a trip to Tucson, AZ and used this travel golf bag.  It was inexpensive and was more than par for the course. 

Sleep Mask:  For those of you traveling overnight to Europe, perhaps on one of The Traveling Professor's small group tours, you will need some shut eye on the plane and we recommend this Nidra Sleep Mask

For the Avid Reader:  The Amazon Kindle is a GREAT gift for the reader.  It is compact and travels anywhere.  It is The Professor's only electronic travel gift for the holidays, but a good one, especially for the traveler.




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