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Why a Vaccine May Not Permit International Travel

Why a Vaccine May Not Permit International Travel

The vaccine for the Corona virus has given hope that we will be able to travel internationally soon.  But what will that process of proving a traveler is vaccinated be like? 

From what The Professor sees now, that process may be questionable.

Many, if not most travelers will feel comfortable traveling once they are vaccinated against CV-19.  So, what documentation will a traveler need to provide once they arrive in Paris, London, Madrid, Reyjkavik, or Edinburgh for example?

According to an article published in the Iceland Monitor on January 18, 2021:

"Arriving passengers who are in possession of valid documentation that proves prior infection or vaccination against covid-19 are exempt from all border measures...”  and "As of now, only the international certificate of vaccination is accepted as proof of vaccination but further conditions and specifications regarding other types of certificates remain to be issued.”

That's great!  All we need is a Certificate of Vaccination completed by a health professional to get into Iceland.  Since Iceland is a partner in the European Union, we expect many other European countries to follow this policy.

What exactly is an "International Certificate of Vaccination?".   The Professor has one.   Due to many trips to South America, The Professor has received vaccinations and medications for things like malaria and yellow fever.  The record of these vaccinations are recorded on something called an International Certificate of Vaccination.  The "C of V" is the approved document of the World Health Organization and may have the stamp of the U.S. Center of Disease Control pre-printed on it. 

How does a traveler get an International Certificate of Vaccination?  The Professor got his by going to a local hospital's Travel Department (almost every large hospital has one).  Information was collected by a health care provider, appropriate vaccines were administered.  A completed International Certificate of Vaccination was issued on the spot by having the health care provider stamp the certificate and scribble some information on it.  You can see The Professor's certificate here

How easy is that?  Maybe too easy.  Do you want a blank International Certificate of Vaccination to get started?  Look here:


At Walmart:

The fear is, since a vaccination is so difficult to obtain, but a blank C of V is so easy to get, that unscrupulous people might just get a blank C of V, fill it in fraudulently, and use that as documentation to travel abroad.  Of course, this is wrong, immoral, most likely illegal, and can never be condoned.  But unfortunately, some selfish and shameful people will do it. 

For goodness sakes, The New York Post reports that travelers are faking positive COVID-19 tests already in order to travel. 

If you are an older traveler you might remember the days when you were a kid and the teacher issued hand-written report cards in school.  Imagine if you could have obtained a blank report card, fill it in yourself, and then show everyone what a great student you were!  That's what obtaining a blank C of V could be like. 

Those who use fraudulently filled in C of V's are posing great harm to themselves and others. It harms those who follow the rules and do things the right way.  Authorities will eventually catch on to the scam of fake C of V's and clamp down, forcing the issue of more secure and forgery-proof documents.  That will take time and possibly delay the time it takes to safely re-open international travel.



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